Relaxing Floors

May 21, 2019

Relaxing Floors is manufactured using Mohawk Group’s Duracolor Tricor solution-dyed nylon fiber, which leverages a modified triangular-shaped core to deliver unsurpassed stain resistance, colorfastness, durability, color clarity and enhanced soil performance.

The fiber helps make it functional for the most demanding contract environments because of superior inherent stain- and wear-resistant qualities. These planks are backed with EcoFlex NXT, which supports dimensional stability, resists unraveling for clean edges, and prevents water damage and mold/mildew growth.

Fractals are the building block of many of nature’s patterns and have been scientifically proven to reduce stress and so provide benefits to physical health. This visual language, mid-complexity fractals in particular, is the basis for Relaxing Floors 12"x 36" carpet planks. Mid-complexity fractals are the most common in natural scenery and have been shown to reduce stress by up to 60%.