DrySee Color Changing Waterproof Bandage

Oct. 5, 2022
Changes color if wound is at risk.

DrySee has created the first patented waterproof bandage with a liquid intrusion alert. The average bandage provides some wound protection, but still makes it easy for dirt and water to reach a wound. Even if a waterproof bandage is used, it’s still hard to tell whether it is actually sealed.

DrySee’s waterproof bandages provide a secure covering for low exudate wounds. If water or other liquids make their way onto the bandage, the liquid-indicating gauze along the perimeter of the bandage will turn a dark blue color. It’s easy to see if the bandage is wet or dry, taking the guesswork out of replacing bandages. DrySee bandages can last for up to 4 days or until it has been compromised. Sterile, disposable, breathable and non-latex.