Tension Fabric Buildings

May 15, 2023
Fully customizable fabric structures.

Combining rigid-frame engineering with the benefits of tension fabric membranes, these superior quality fabric structures are fully customizable. The concept provides a high level of flexibility for a wide array of building applications and industries, including recreational facilities, event centers, warehousing, aviation, government and more.

The fabric buildings use a durable rigid frame instead of the hollow-tube, open web truss “hoop” framing that’s usually used for fabric structures. The structural steel frame provides the ability to easily customize buildings to the exact width, length and height required and creates straight sidewalls that maximize the usable square footage inside the structure. A variety of fabrics are available, including 27-ounce ExxoTec Elite and 19-ounce ExxoTec Pro, two premium PVC fabrics with superior strength and performance characteristics.