IntegriScan Electronic Leak Detection

July 31, 2023
Advanced low-voltage leak testing.

The IntegriScan is an advanced, low-voltage test that ensures 100% of your roofing membrane is free of breaches, holes and seam voids. Its unique technology facilitates a reliable test compared to vector mapping and archaic flood testing. The equipment eliminates the need for a perimeter wire by limiting the testing area to directly below the scanning platform. The Vertical Scanning Unit can test vertical surfaces, rebar flashings and hard to reach areas.

IntegriScan is the only method available for testing black EPDM and other semi-conductive membranes; TruGround Conductive Primer enables electronic testing on conventional assemblies with non-conductive substrates, such as wood, insulation and coverboard. Tests up to 40,000 square feet in a day and pinpoints issues with an audible and visual alert. Can be used on nearly all membranes, including hot fluid waterproofing, cold fluid waterproofing, traffic coatings, TPO, PVC, EPDM and SBS Mod Bit.