Connectrac Poke-Thru Entrance

Oct. 16, 2023
Allows the Flex Raceway system to start at nearly any point along a concrete floor.

The Poke-Thru Entrance for Legrand’s Connectrac Flex Raceway system allows the raceway to start at nearly any point along a concrete floor, eliminating the need to feed power and data from a nearby wall. Ideal for open and collaborative workspaces where walls are kept to a minimum, the poke-thru and entrance fitting provide a low-profile transition that fits into a 4-inch core-drilled opening, perfect for new builds or retrofits.

Use the poke-thru with either the on-floor or under-carpet Flex raceway systems to extend power and data into spaces and allow for flexibility. Supports up to 18 CAT 6 cables in pass-through to the Flex Raceway system, supporting 18 individual ports from a single poke-thru installation. Maintains the fire rating of any floor for up to two hours.