Create Superior Adhesion for Doors, Windows and Seams with This Modified Urethane Acrylic Sealant

March 20, 2024
Create superior adhesion for doors, windows and seams with this modified urethane acrylic sealant.

TYPAR’s Heavy-Duty Sealant offers superior adhesion for doors, windows and seams on any multifamily or commercial project. It’s an approved alternative for TYPAR Double-Sided Tape on seaming applications with TYPAR DrainableWrap and DrainableWrap Commercial and is covered by a lifetime limited warranty when it’s used as part of TYPAR’s complete Weather Protection System.

Its modified urethane acrylic composition ensures that it handles and spreads easily, with gunnability down to 40 degrees F. It seals joints up to 2 inches with proper installation and joint design and fully cures within 48-72 hours, with 60 minutes tack-free time. The paintable and stain-resistant compound emits low VOCs (less than 1.5%), meeting VOC requirements in all 50 states. It exceeds AAMA 808.3 and ASTM C920 standards and features a tensile strength over 150 psi.