Custom Protection Solutions

June 18, 2021

Since no two spaces are the same, we make each protective solution to order.

From co-working to open plan space, panel systems and everything in between, our personal protection solutions are available in standard and custom configurations to fit your environments.

Freestanding models are fabricated using extruded aluminum frames with a variety of infill panels: Sintra®, clear and translucent polycarbonate, bleach cleanable fabrics and other specialty materials, with mobile and fixed base options, perfectly fitted to your measurements.

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Floor to Ceiling Dividers

These Floor to Ceiling Dividers are made with graphite aluminum frames and clear polycarbonate panels.

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Open Plan Dividers

Fixed and folding models with Sintra®, clear polycarbonate panels and other specialty materials. They have aluminum frames with mobile casters or steel base plates.

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Workstation Partitions

Workstation Partitions are constructed with aluminum frames, clear polycarbonate and translucent acrylic panels.

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Space Division and Traffic Flow Partitions

Create space division and separation for traffic flow with fixed and mobile partitions. Made with aluminum frames with clear polycarbonate and translucent panels. 108” w x 73” h with fixed 90-degree end panels.

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Check out these iBooth privacy dividers from Peter Pepper Products.

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