Altro Puressentials

July 21, 2023
PVC-free wall cladding.

Altro Puressentials is a wall cladding system that meets commercial durability, cleanability and hygiene needs, yet is highly sustainable. It’s ideal for areas that require PVC-free wall cladding options. The 2mm-thick, semi-rigid plastic panel comes in 4- by 8-foot and 4- by 10-foot sheets and is crafted from thermoplastic polyester (PETG), an eco-friendly choice that contains no halogens or BPA and emits low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), meeting UL safety certification requirements.

The smooth, matte surface emulates the appearance of paint; users can also install the reverse side of the panels instead for a high-sheen, polished aesthetic. Typical applications include critical hygiene and healthcare areas, operating rooms, laboratories, cleanrooms, pharmacies and more. Easy to clean and maintain and protects against scuffs, stains and fungal growth.