StoSeal STPE Sealant

July 21, 2023
High-performance adhesive sealant for new opaque wall and building restoration projects.

StoSeal STPE Sealant is a low-odor, isocyanate-free, one-part hybrid sealant with a VOC content of 8g/L. It’s durable, flexible, resistant to moisture and weathering, and tested to perform per ASTM C920 class providing Type S, Grade NS, Use NT, A, M, and +100/-50% movement capability. The adhesive properties provide primer-free bonding to most substrates and fast tack-free and cure times, resulting in a paintable, low dirt pickup sealant for new opaque wall and building restoration applications.

It comes packaged in 20 oz. sausages that minimize construction waste and provide efficient installation. Available in eight standard colors, with over 300 custom colors available on request, and can be top coated with elastomeric coatings to suit most color requirements.