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Save Time, Cut Cost, Elevate Appearance - Put Fire Sprinklers Above the Suspended Ceiling

Nov. 15, 2022

Fire and life-safety issues are among the most significant concerns for building owners, operators, tenants, architects, engineers, and, of course, building inspectors and fire marshals. Some types of occupancies require fire suppression sprinklers to protect the building and its occupants in the event of fire. In spaces with suspended grid ceilings, it is common to see sprinkler heads protruding below the ceiling through holes in the ceiling panels. These pass-through sprinklers provide the needed function, but they are expensive to install, delicate to clean, vulnerable to abuse, and they contribute little to the visual appeal of the ceiling.

Sprinklers do not have to poke through the ceiling. An under-utilized alternative, the drop-out ceiling, allows sprinklers to be located out of sight above suspended ceiling panels. This code-approved option can save time and money on sprinkler and ceiling installation, simplify cleaning and maintenance, and improve the look of the ceiling.

Learn more about the benefits and applications of drop-out ceilings for your next construction or renovation project.

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