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Paper describes the 3 P’s of sustainable buildings: Planet, people, and profit

June 1, 2021
A document authored by the LoRa Alliance and the Telecommunications Industry Association describes the roles of data, technologies, and strategies in achieving sustainability.

A white paper authored by the LoRa Alliance and the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) details results of the organizations’ combined efforts to research the drivers, enablers, and potential results of sustainable smart buildings. The paper, titled “Sustainable Smart Buildings for the Planet, People, and Profit,” is available for download from the TIA.

In the paper’s introduction, the organizations explain, “To make informed decisions that ensure sustainable smart buildings, stakeholders need insights and benchmarks that can only come from measurable assessment criteria and based on actual data. To effectively collect that data, building owners and operators need to consider emerging technologies and infrastructures that enable cost-effectively connecting a wide range of smart devices and systems within a building and across campus environments, smart communities, and smart cities.”

The contents of the paper are based on research, statistics, and interviews with LoRa Alliance and TIA member companies. It presents viewpoints on smart building sustainability, including the following.

  • The evolution of sustainability concepts
  • Primary industry and global driving forces to sustainability
  • The foundational role of data in achieving sustainability
  • Technologies, solutions, and strategies for achieving sustainability goals
  • Key challenges to sustainable smart building implementation
  • The need for sustainability assessment and certification programs
  • The future outlook for sustainable smart buildings

You can download the paper here.

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