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IoT sensors on ceiling lights yield energy efficiency

April 13, 2022
At Derichebourg Multiservices’ headquarters, 1,200 sensors from Enlighted provide data to reduce energy consumption and optimize occupant experience.
Siemens AG
65a69af24852bb001e5cfca4 Derichebourg Tour Creteil Photo Pour Siemens

Sensors from Enlighted, a Siemens subsidiary, have helped facility-services provider Derichebourg Multiservices reduce energy consumption and optimize building management at its headquarters facility in Créteil, near Paris, France. The company says the use of approximately 1,200 sensors will help it meets its own environmental goals and comply with government regulations that require companies in France to achieve 40% energy savings by 2030.

The headquarters facility is an architecturally significant building, resembling an inverted pyramid, that was built in 1970 and has been upgraded with an environmental focus in mind. Derichebourg Multiservices uses LED technology in the building. The top three floors of the building, where most of the open-plan offices are located, are equipped with 1,200 light fixtures with Enlighted IoT sensors.

“Wireless technology meant they could be installed in just six weeks, and the lower floors will be upgraded in an expansion phase,” Siemens explained when describing the sensor network at Derichebourg. “Data from the sensors is continuously evaluated to monitor and control energy consumption.”

Lighting designer Le Studio Led integrated the Enlighted sensors into the lighting system.

“The data collected by our Enlighted sensors is hugely valuable in improving the energy efficiency of buildings, and also the comfort and productivity of the people who work in them,” said Lighted’s CEO Stefan Schwab. “We are pleased to be working with both Le Studio Led and Derichebourg Multiservices to develop new use cases, which will allow for the optimization of services for occupants.”

The collected data makes it possible to detect changes in environmental conditions and room occupancy, and to respond to changes in real time. According to Siemens, Derichebourg Multiservices intends to use the collected data for other applications in the future. In collaboration with Le Studio Led and Siemens, the Derichebourg is working to develop means to optimize services in buildings, with the intention to integrate them into the company’s service offering. “For example, occupancy data from the sensors can be used to schedule cleaning services in buildings based on actual demand,” Siemens explained. “The data could also be used to optimize the reception of guests to the building, improve comfort levels, or even strengthen on-site security.”

“As part of our service delivery activities, the breadth of possibilities offered by IoT sensors represents a tremendous development opportunity,” said Silvine Thoma, Derichebourg Multiservices’ communications manager. “Not only do we act on our own consumption, but we also benefit from a real-world showcase of their usage, in order to offer additional services to our customers, for our remote monitoring or cleaning activities, for example.”

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