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New EV charging network offers comprehensive solution for commercial applications

Oct. 31, 2023
ABM advances simplified and customized EV charging infrastructure through nationwide network.

Amid a recent nationwide decline in driver satisfaction with public Level 2 charging, facility owners and operators across industries have been challenged to provide new solutions that recognize the importance of service, maintenance, and driver experience when installing and maintaining public EV chargers. A recent report by J.D. Power indicated roughly one in five public charging attempts fail, leading to driver frustration and dissatisfaction.

To combat this trend, ABM recently announced the nationwide roll out of its EV Charging Network to pair with its other customized turnkey solutions for virtually every commercial application, allowing for the design and implementation of the right EV strategy. This comprehensive approach encompasses charger equipment, installation, maintenance, and upgrades, ensuring a seamless and reliable EV charging experience for both facility owners and drivers.

Mark Hawkinson, president of Technical Solutions at ABM, commented:

“As America continues its path toward an electric future, intelligently connected infrastructure will be a critical enabler to keep up with the demands of a rapidly growing user-base. As one of the nation’s largest providers of custom EV solutions, including installation, management, and maintenance, we provide a unique perspective on how the EV ecosystem needs to function to better serve customers and enhance value to owners and operators.”

Facility owners and operators leveraging the EV Charging Network will be able customize the features offered through their chargers with integrations such as customer loyalty programs, entry badges, and parking systems. This software enables clients such as hotels or retail stores to directly connect their parking lot chargers to rewards programs, and private operators to ensure that only authorized drivers are using their chargers. The platform also supports various digital payment processing options, including card, QR code, or ABM app, optimizing revenue and customer experience.

To promote improved charger uptime, chargers on the network receive 24/7 charging service delivery, monitoring, diagnostics, and recovery. Combining the network services with ABM’s expert maintenance services provides owners and operators with real-time diagnosis and rapid repair for any issues that occur over a charger’s lifetime. The ABM EV Charging Network allows for real-time updates and enhancements to its charging stations, granting them continuous access to the latest features.

With over 30,000 chargers installed to date, the company is expanding its solutions through this network, which can be paired with its Level 2 and 3 charging stations and hardware to meet the needs of today’s drivers. ABM’s experts provide integrated turnkey solutions, including facility review, project mapping, financing, charging equipment, installation, ongoing support, and continuous guidance. Additionally, through its RavenVolt’s turnkey microgrid solutions, ABM can provide energy and power resiliency.

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