SLIDESHOW: Assessing smart buildings with SPIRE, Part 2

Feb. 25, 2022
Sustainability, power and energy, and health and well-being are three of the six pillars of the Telecommunications Industry Association's SPIRE smart building assessment program, as unpacked in an SBT-moderated webinar for TIA stakeholders on Feb. 23.

On Wednesday, Feb. 23, the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) hosted a web seminar addressing aspects of its SPIRE program where smart building stakeholders had the opportunity to learn about the assessment process for properties. The webinar, titled, "Assessing Smart Buildings with SPIRE, Part 2—Criteria for Sustainability, Power & Energy, Health & Well-being” was broadcast live.

Smart Buildings Technology’s chief editor Patrick McLaughlin moderated the panel, which included industry experts discussing how building owners and managers are measuring and improving sites' operational performance, and how a comprehensive smart building assessment program such as SPIRE can help guide investment strategies that align building operations with business outcomes.

The webinar's panelists were Brian Brustad of AECOM, Gayla Arrindell of Corning, Michael Moran of Microshare, and Annick Villeneuve of Schneider Electric.

Sustainability, power and energy, and health and well-being are three of the six categories in the TIA’s SPIRE smart building assessment program. The Feb. 23 webinar was a follow-up to an earlier TIA-hosted seminar that discussed SPIRE’s three other criteria -- connectivity, cybersecurity, and life and property safety.

“With competing priorities like protecting occupants in a pandemic and improving a building’s carbon footprint, ownership teams can now leverage a single holistic assessment to gain a deeper understanding of a building’s functional performance and identify new opportunities to lower risk and enhance asset value through calculated technology investments,” the TIA said in a promotion of the seminar.

The media gallery above contains slides and stills from the presentation, which is currently available for on-demand viewing.

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