Box Pure Air
Wildfire smoke impacts city air quality, notes Box Pure Air.

Box Pure Air starts fulfilling federal IAQ contract in California schools

June 8, 2022
Box Pure Air to offer deployment of portable certified HEPA filtration units to schools across California.

Box Pure Air, a subsidiary of SinglePoint, Inc. (OTCQB: SING) and a specialist in creating clean indoor air zones to improve overall air quality and general health, recently announced its prominent placement on approved vendor list for California EANS [Emergency Assistance to Non-Public Schools] funds. Box Pure Air being included on this list enables the company's team to offer deployment of American-made, portable Certified HEPA Filtration units to schools across the state of California.

The product catalog Box Pure Air offers is prominently positioned in the vendor list, notes the firm, and gives schools access to a wide variety of solutions that fit the bill to solve the indoor air quality concerns. As part of the American Rescue Plan, the government made the EANS program funding of approximately $2.75 billion available for schools to address business and educational disruptions caused by the pandemic. Solutions include those for inspecting and improving ventilation systems in addition to purchasing and deploying portable or fixed air purification units to address the indoor air quality within schools and mitigate exposure to airborne pollutants.

Wil Ralston, CEO of SinglePoint, commented, "We are excited that Box Pure Air was included in this vendor selection. We have been primarily focused on addressing air quality concerns within schools, and Box Pure Air brings a safe and reliable solution to these classrooms. The Box team performs a building evaluation and is able to provide a custom solution for each specific space within these schools. The impact of air quality is key for children because kids are far more susceptible to long-term health damage from seasonal allergies, pollutants, or wildfire smoke in the air. Seeing the various layers of government get involved to address this concern puts more confidence on the long-term stability of this market. Indoor Air Quality is quickly becoming a global health crisis as continued research driven by the COVID pandemic continues to come to light, and we have a simple effective solution that addresses indoor air quality (IAQ) issues immediately. Market analysts report that the indoor air purification sector hit a record high of $12.26 billion in 2021, and they expect to see a growth rate of 8.1% until 2030. This expansion is supported by the increasing concerns of airborne disease and the increase in general pollution as the population continues to grow at staggering rates."

Addressing the quality of air students are breathing reaches far beyond the risk of viral or bacterial exposure, notes the company. A study conducted by Harvard University, cited by Box, highlights the improved cognitive performance in clean air environments versus environments with non-filtered air and high CO2 levels. These individuals experienced delayed response times and a reduction in accuracy and focus.

While the discussion around clean air in schools may appear to be a new topic within households, in its statement Box noted that this health concern has been studied by scientists long before the pandemic brought it to light. Air pollution, whether from a viral threat, wildfire smoke or general smog, has been shown to have an impact on absenteeism within the nation's schools.

"Air pollution is harmful for not only the health but also the education and well-being of children in our communities. Even at relatively low levels that many people would not think to be harmful, air pollution is associated with increased school absences," asserted Cheryl Pirozzi, assistant professor in the Division of Respiratory, Critical Care, and Occupational Pulmonary Medicine, and co-author of a study researching correlation between air quality and school attendance trends.

Box notes that the cost of a child missing school impacts more than just a disruption in the student's learning. Often, school funding is calculated by the number of children physically attending school. If a child misses school, this can negatively impact the funding allocated, which can have repercussions over time as districts experience budgeting constraints.

Ralston concluded, "Over the past two years, students have spent an unprecedented amount of time outside of the classroom. Beyond the impact this had on educational development, many families reported a stop gap in their child's emotional and social development. Harvard Studies noted a rise in anxiety and poor ability to manage emotions, especially in elementary-aged children. Keeping students in the classroom, engaging with their peers and fostering their educational and social development should be a high priority for all levels of school leadership. Implementing a certified HEPA, plug-and-play air purification system is one component of a layered approach to getting these kids back to the routines and activities they so desperately need for positive growth and development."

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