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UL Solutions lauded by Fitwel for building health certification efforts

April 17, 2023
Fitwel has honored UL Solutions with two 'Best in Building Health' and two 'Top 20 Ambassadors' awards for helping customers demonstrate occupant health and well-being requirements to achieve Fitwel certifications.
UL Solutions / Fitwel
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UL Solutions this month announced that it recently received two Fitwel 'Best in Building Health' and two 'Top 20 Ambassadors List' awards from Fitwel.

Created in partnership with the United States (U.S.) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and operated by the nonprofit research organization Center for Active Design (CfAD), Fitwel is billed as a people-centric healthy building certification system founded on evidence-based strategies to promote health and wellness through the built environment.

Fitwel's 'Best in Building Health' award honors best-in-class companies and individuals leading the healthy building movement by example, leveraging Fitwel's data-driven, scalable technology platform to set the bar for excellence in building health.

In addition to receiving the 'Best in Building Health' award, UL Solutions was named a winner in the Greatest Number of Certifications in 2022 and Most People Impacted award categories in recognition of UL Solutions’ leadership and progress in advancing occupant health and well-being in the built environment.

Joanna Frank, president and CEO of CfAD, commented:

“The past few years have been transformational, revealing unprecedented challenges and opportunities for the world, and in particular, the real estate industry and healthy building movement. As UL Solutions’ achievements have demonstrated, prioritizing health is no longer a reactive market trend — it’s an established business imperative that represents an opportunity for real estate to mitigate risk and maximize investment.”

In addition to companies, Fitwel's Best in Building Health award spotlights individuals from the Fitwel global community of more than 3,800 Ambassadors — made up of architects, sustainability professionals, engineers and designers — for their efforts in high-scoring healthy building certifications, among other achievements.

Two Fitwel Ambassadors from the Assets and Sustainability Performance group at UL Solutions, Christopher Tacy, senior project manager, and David Adler, project manager, were included in the first Fitwel Top 20 Ambassadors List.

This new initiative highlights industry professionals who have demonstrated exemplary engagement, leadership and achievements as Fitwel Ambassadors in the past year. Fitwel said it selected Tacy and Adler for their dedication to advancing the healthy building movement, as well as their success in project registrations, Fitwel certifications and the number of occupants impacted through those certifications in 2022.

UL Solutions provides comprehensive support to its customers in pursuing building sustainability certifications. UL Solutions notes its advisory teams have a record of success in supporting its customers throughout the Fitwel certification process, including:

  • CIM Group’s City National 2Cal in Los Angeles, California
  • LBA Realty Park Place in Irvine, California
  • Monday Properties in Arlington, Virginia
  • Oliver Tyrone Pulver Corporation Seven Tower Bridge in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania
  • National Council of Architectural Registration Boards in Washington, D.C.
  • Carr Properties Midtown Center in Washington, D.C.
  • Boston Properties 2100 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C.

Sean McCrady, director of Assets and Sustainability, Real Estate and Properties in the Sustainability group at UL Solutions, concluded:

“Indoor spaces that support human health, well-being and productivity have never been more important. As demand grows for healthier indoor spaces, building owners and operators addressing tenant and occupant concerns have turned to UL Solutions for our extensive science-based expertise in advisory services for health and wellness. We are honored that Fitwel recognizes our work’s importance and impact on supporting occupant health and well-being.”

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