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Hotel Security: What Can Be Done to Prevent Mass Shootings?

Oct. 2, 2017

What can be done by hotels to prevent gun deaths.

In the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting where at least 50 people died and more than 500 were hospitalized after a gunman opened fire at the Route 91 Harvest music concert, security measures at the Mandalay Hotel where the suspected shooter took aim is now under the microscope.

The attack will likely spark immediate security reaction and change to security protocols according to Bruce McIndoe, president of IJet International, which performs around 400 hotel security audits each year.

In a CNBC interview, McIndoe mentions that it is likely hotels across the country will train their security surveillance staff to scrutinize and inspect customers with large items such as fishing gear, skis or other long items that could be rifles.

While instant changes will likely be made to the Mandalay Hotel, speculation is still being made about potential for sweeping reform for hotels across the nation. Most hotels do not have metal detectors and anyone can walk into a hotel with firearms and not be detected. Suitcases, large duffel bags and vinyl garment bags can easily hide multiple weapons.

Some advocate for hotels and other large public venues to use metal detectors that detect large amounts of metal, but according to McIndoe, mass-national reform on hotel security will not likely occur. "Now, it's not going to be like TSA," he says. "That's just not going to happen. It would very much disrupt the whole commerce model for a hotel property."

"The security measures that are in place especially in Vegas worked," says McIndoe, adding that Las Vegas has a 24-hour standing SWAT team that was able to neutralize the alleged shooter quickly. Had that not been the case, he said, there would have been a far higher death toll. "That doesn't minimize the fact that a lot of people died."

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