The use of a mobile device rather than a plastic fob for access control provides a significant user convenience. Shown here is a depiction of Brivo's Mobile Pass application.

Verdantix analyzes security-software platform capabilities

June 13, 2023

In a report published in March, Verdantix identified five security software companies that the analyst said are leading the market in their ability to integrate capabilities into their platforms. The report, Green Quadrant: Integrated Smart Building Security Software 2023, places software providers Everbridge, Genetec, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, and Siemens in the highest group—the green quadrant—for their standing on both axes of momentum and capabilities. Verdantix also analyzed the offerings of Bosch, Brivo, LenelS2, Motorola Solutions, and Schneider Electric, which continue to evolve and expand their platforms and capabilities.

The report, Verdantix explained, “highlights the ability and growing importance of solutions to unify security operations.” In a press release, principal analyst and report co-author Sandy Rogers stated, “Our research indicates that security-related software investments are top of mind for many organizations, with over half of facilities and corporate real estate executives planning to invest, replace, or extend their deployments in physical access and security software. As the role of security expands within the connected enterprise and building landscape, vendors need to be constantly innovating and adapting to changing client needs.” 

“Our research indicates that security-related software investments are top of mind for many organizations, with over half of facilities and corporate real estate executives planning to invest, replace, or extend their deployments in physical access and security software."

Among other characteristics, Verdantix evaluated security-software vendors on the extent to which they are following—or leading—five trends in the space: integrating multiple security systems into a single platform, providing visibility into multiple building systems, transitioning to cloud-native administration, customer/occupant experience, and the inclusion of artificial intelligence and machine learning into the software.

Integration. Overall, security software providers are improving their platforms’ integration capabilities. Verdantix cited Genetec as an example. The latest version of the latter's Security Center platform, released in September 2022, provides access to modules that manage video monitoring, access control, intrusion monitoring, license-plate recognition, and intercom. Its out-of-the-box capability “simplifies the path to unification,” according to Genetec.

Cross-facility operations. In a similar vein, Verdantix recognized some security-software platform providers’ are streamlining cross-domain facility operations to produce greater insights into building operations. For example, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Schneider Electric, and Siemens are “building out digital suites that can tie together various systems and sets of information, allowing organizations to capitalize on Internet of Things systems and innovations such as digital twin technology, and more readily incorporate third-party security solutions.”

Cloud-native transition. The continued rise of cloud-based security systems has driven evolution among some platforms, particularly including those from Johnson Controls and LenelS2, whose recent development efforts have focused on transforming their software to be cloud- and edge-native.

LenelS2, the physical-security business of Carrier, describes its Elements platform as “mobile-first and browser-based.”

Occupant experience. Verdantix’s report pinpointed Brivo as a provider whose platform ties into occupant-experience applications; for this capability, among others, Verdantix gave Brivo high marks for momentum. Earlier this year, Brivo published its annual report of security industry trends, which states that 84% of security professionals believe user experience with access-control systems is important or extremely important. And 65% of the more than 600 security professionals surveyed worldwide cited user convenience as a benefit of mobile access control, which Brivo says indicates the growing popularity of using an occupant’s mobile device for access control over a traditional plastic fob.

Brivo founder and CEO Steve Van Till said the “key takeaways” from this year’s trends report is “user experience and convenience are vital considerations for security professionals today.” Verdantix sees it similarly and lauded Brivo for its accommodation of building occupant experience.

AI and ML. The study also covers the nascent incorporation of artificial intelligence and machine learning into security-software platforms “to address analytical challenges, such as filtering out alarm noise or assessing potential threats.” Verdantix found that video analytics from some providers, including Bosch, Brivo, and Motorola Solutions, can be considered as a means of automating identification and forensics tasks.

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