IP Provides Top-Notch Paging and Intercom Systems

Feb. 1, 2008
IP paging systems and intercom systems are easy to use and can manage hundreds of intercom and paging endpoints that are distributed over an IP network

By Anita Carrel

The latest technological advances for building communications are Internet protocol (IP) paging systems and IP intercom systems. Based on IP, these systems allow for ease of use and the ability to manage hundreds of intercom and paging endpoints that are distributed over an IP network, no matter where they are located, for a small- or large-scale operation.

IP is digital language that allows computers to send information over a data network. Once the information is given an address, it is sent to its destination. With the IP system, voice calls can now be changed into data and sent over the IP paging and intercom system. The system provides easier management and interaction for all involved. IP paging and intercom systems work for one- and two-way communication. And, with the continued growth of voice traffic on data networks, the demand of IP systems is expected to exceed traditional phone systems.


One of the highlights of IP communication is the simplification of local, regional, and global communication, especially for remote areas where phones do not exist. These systems allow important updates, instructions, or news to be received immediately. Besides emergency safety communications, another benefit for organizations is the ability to track calls, record conversations, or make system-wide announcements. This is imperative for institutions where the need for non-disturbance is a necessity. IP paging and intercom systems provide efficient and professional communications in day-to-day operations, as well as the ability to respond quickly in any given situation.

Integration of these systems provides the heart and soul of communications, and complements existing communications for any organization. From safety and efficiency to flexibility and functionality, the benefits are undeniable. IP paging and intercom systems are ideal for any organization: Schools, hospitals, universities, government operations, manufacturing facilities, and commercial and consumer marketplaces can all benefit.

The decision to integrate one of these systems into a new or existing structure is not cost prohibitive. "One of the main advantages to any user is the system's ability to operate on existing network infrastructures, eliminating the need to purchase proprietary network hardware," explains Mike O'Brien, director of product marketing at Lake Geneva, WI-based Primex Wireless. A few of the other benefits that these new systems offer:

  • Excellent voice quality delivered over Ethernet, wireless, and fiber.
  • Integration with hardwired paging systems.
  • GPS time and scheduling-integration capability with bell-tone scheduling.
  • Extremely flexible, customizable capabilities across all industries.
  • Relay commands are sent by network to operate door controls.

By incorporating the IP paging and intercom systems into buildings, whether they are existing structures or new, total efficiency in communications is provided for any organization or business across the globe.

In new construction, IP communication systems can be designed early in the process along with other IT applications. In retrofits, IP communication systems can often deploy easier than traditional communication equipment.  

Anita Carrel is marketing manager at Lake Geneva, WI-based Primex Wireless Inc. (www.primexwireless.com).

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