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July 26, 2005
The design of your carpet can save you money

Facilities managers have a wide array of commercial carpets to choose from in today’s marketplace. Functionality and performance are at all-time highs among branded nylon carpets; with each passing day, more and more environmental benefits are satisfying the needs of end-users. One component that is commonly overlooked by facilities managers in the initial life-cycle analysis is design. A carpet’s design is an important component that can save money on maintenance and useful life expectancy.

Run Through a Design Checklist
As the selection of new carpet is being made, understanding the space is a highly important component. A design checklist is important to have because it will answer practical questions. For instance, high-traffic areas where food and drink could be present require a darker, more elaborate pattern style to compensate for spills and heavy foot traffic. Imagine a white carpet in a Las Vegas casino: The cost of upkeep and stain removal would be astronomical. Darker shades and patterns can conceal much of the staining, allowing the carpet to remain useful for several years.

Branded Nylon Helps Keep Things Clean
Smart design coupled with branded nylon can save in cleaning and maintenance costs. Using branded nylon can be a crucial component to maintaining the look and integrity of the carpet.

Carpets made with branded nylon often do not require harsh chemicals. Stains can be commonly washed away with small amounts of high-quality mild detergents and water. In most cases, water alone will remove spills on branded nylon carpets. What’s more, carpets made with branded nylon often carry lifetime stain-removal guarantees, further driving home the importance of premium nylon.

Know Your End-User
Having a carpet with the right design can not only save money from a cleaning and maintenance standpoint, but it can also save money when it comes to the end-user’s aesthetic desire for the space. More often than not, building managers are not included in the commercial carpet decision, leaving it up to chance that the facilities management department has selected a carpet that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Communication between building managers, carpet mill representatives, nylon specialists, and end-users is a crucial step in making a sound choice to ensure everyone is pleased with the carpet design.

Proper design is a key component in getting the most useful life out of commercial carpets, particularly allowing costs to remain low and performance high. The goal of maintaining commercial carpets for several years is attainable when common design oversights are addressed at the very beginning of a project.

Paul Williams is a contract specialist at Honeywell Nylon, makers of Zeftron® Premium Nylon 6ix® Fiber Systems (, headquartered in Dalton, GA.

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