World Colors 2004: Re-VISIONS

March 1, 2004
Color Your World
There is a color evolution afoot. It’s called Re-VISIONS and it’s what individuals seek not only in their homes, but in commercial environments as well. Travelers expect upbeat hotels; stores need to enhance the shopping experience; and offices need to feel as comfy as the family den.The trends in colors are relational and often elements of one will influence another. From soft, sky blues to hot, op art pinks, there is a world of color that offers many ways to create inviting spaces. Transcend One of the most important colors is blue. The strong versions of the past few years have given way to ethereal sky blues that can make a room appear to float. Meditation and yoga are leading the movement in personal health, and spas are just as concerned with mental rejuvenation as they are low-carb diets. As a result, we look to the heavens with its myriad of blues above us. Sky blue, periwinkle, and twilight blue – accented with the slightest hint of yellow – seem to transcend their spaces. They are ideal for any space that calls out for relaxation, freshness, and a little lift.
Coppertunity Orange is a color of great happiness and is being realized in copper tones. The auto industry is rolling a fleet of vehicles down the highway dressed in versions of copper that bring to mind that favorite metal of gardeners and gourmets.
Speaking of gardens and food, there is an organic quality to copper that connects it to the earth and adds to its importance. Copper metallics and the pure paint versions (all the color without the glitz) are warm and inviting and suggest the best of hearth and home. By adding nature’s patina action on copper, deep green and gold become accents that add depth and light.

Black, White, & POP
Here’s where the fun really begins. High contrast and sassy brights come via pop art influences. Black can be used to create negative spaces and fool the eye about space and height. White adds crispness and freshens up a space. The fashion industry is mixing black with bright white and revisiting pop art to add energy and fun. For a bit of whimsy and humor, the brights give classic black and white a kick. It takes a sense of fun and some guts for colors like these, but you’re guaranteed a unique space that will make inhabitants happy, no longer in need of a Zoloft fix.

Some corner of the world is always sparking interest. The last few years have taken us to India, Japan, and Cuba, and now China joins Vietnam on design’s radar screen.
The colors here are rich and varied and take cues from decorated vases and fabrics. Cuisine also plays a role and adds exotic spice colors to the palettes.
This is not, however, the soothing Asian look to which we’ve become accustomed. It’s less Zen, more opium den. It’s lavish to a point, and with that comes a lushness of colors that creates the look. Areas that cry out for exotic looks, richness, and strength can be enhanced with these hues. Re-VISIONS is about looking at new and old together, embracing new ideas with millennia old cultures. Inspirations can be from around the corner or around the world. Learn about them, by opening the door and letting them in.Mark Woodman, CMG is color marketing and design manager for Beltsville, MD-based Duron Inc. (

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