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Superior Essex joins CABA board

May 25, 2021
The Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA) said it views Superior Essex Communications' election to its board as evidence of its commitment to growth and strong industry affiliations.

Superior Essex Communications, among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of communications cables in North America, on Mar. 31 announced its election as a corporate board member of the Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA), the international not-for-profit industry association dedicated to the advancement of connected home and intelligent building technologies.

Superior Essex, which recently became a CABA member organization, said it stands to benefit from timely, competitive intelligence on the sector and collaborative research opportunities offered to CABA members. Superior Essex said it views the partnership as a bold move toward positioning itself with another industry leader aiming for continued growth in the telecommunications sector.

Brian Ensign, vice president of marketing for the company's Communications Division, who will be representing Superior Essex on the CABA board, commented, "I look forward to forming a professional partnership with CABA and elevating the telecommunications industry standards by implementing collective intelligent building and sustainability values to secure a resourceful society. Modernization is the most vital tool we have in this digital age, and the opportunity to partner with another organization that aims to innovate using aggregated data, research, and education is a privilege."

CABA said it views Superior Essex Communications' election to its board as evidence of its commitment to growth and strong industry affiliations. Superior Essex has designed and manufactured new technologies for a broad range of wire and cable products and accessories, including telephone lines, premises copper and optical fiber cables, distributed antenna systems (DAS) cables, hybrid cables that support broadband and 5G networks, and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) cables that support sustainable intelligent building technologies.

Weighing in on the partnership, CABA's president and CEO, Ron Zimmer, said, "We are eager to work with Brian and the team at Superior Essex Communications. They have demonstrated their knowledge as experts in the industry and will no doubt encourage progress and growth. I am excited and prepared to offer my industry knowledge and market expertise."

In its announcement, Superior Essex stated:

Superior Essex Communications focuses heavily on innovation, sustainability, and the delivery of quality products with outstanding customer service to support all segments of the market. Our participation on the CABA board will further support our efforts in the intelligent building space.

Superior Essex Communications’ leadership team is committed to working with organizations that emphasize research and education within the intelligent buildings space, lending to the significance of the CABA board election. CABA fosters informed thought leadership and collaboration within intelligently built environments to deliver a more livable, sustainable, and efficient connected world.

The organization constantly strives to increase awareness of intelligently built environments by focusing on education and research.

CABA has launched numerous research projects, industry reports, and white papers to develop technological advancements that support the environment, partner with industry participants, and provide digital security to the consumer market. CABA says its prioritizes educating industry affiliates on the impact its products have on the environment and humanity by continually researching new ways to enhance its sustainable strategies.

Learn more at www.caba.org and www.superioressexcommunications.com.

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