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Keyless building entry expert Brivo counts 1M+ mobile access control credentials

Dec. 6, 2021
Since January 2020, Brivo says it saw a 162% increase in mobile credential sales as organizations emerge from the pandemic and entered the hybrid-office era.

Brivo, an expert in cloud-based access control and smart building technologies who recently entered into a definitive merger agreement with Crown PropTech Acquisitions (NYSE: CPTK), this week announced it has surpassed 1 million Brivo Mobile Pass mobile credentials issued worldwide.

As noted by the company, "Mobile access credentials allow people to open doors, gates, and turnstiles using just their smartphone, which makes navigating spaces in offices, gyms, garages, schools and other places in the built world more convenient."

Steve Van Till, Founder and CEO of Brivo, commented:

"The accelerated growth we're seeing in mobile access control is unlike anything we've seen in the industry to date and our innovative smart access devices continue to be a key differentiator enabling us to capitalize on this strong demand. Being able to open doors with your phone is the access experience everyone wants these days. Brivo Mobile Pass gives customers an easy way to quickly send digital credentials to anyone that needs them. We believe it's an essential ingredient of a comprehensive platform so that customers can do everything they want in a single application."

As reckoned by Brivo, "mobile credentials are enjoying growing success in the market because they are more secure, easier to manage, and more cost-effective. They are convenient because people have their phones with them all the time, unlike physical cards or keyfobs which are easily lost or forgotten."

The company's statement adds, "The pandemic has accelerated mobile credential adoption by increasing the demand for a remote, contactless way of enrolling new people into access control systems. As a result, employers now view mobile credentials as an important tool in their return-to-work transition strategy. In addition to the convenience and safety benefits, the cybersecurity of mobile credentials is a big draw for IT departments because it is based on the same techniques they use for other corporate information assets — encryption, multi-factor authentication, and the built-in biometric capabilities of mobile platforms such as FaceID or TouchID."

Customers and software partners have two options for using Brivo mobile credentials. They can download the Brivo Mobile Pass application directly from the App Store or Google Play, or use the Brivo Mobile SDK to embed digital credentials into their own apps. Many Brivo API partners use this approach to create a branded access experience for their own customers or buildings.

"Brivo is such a huge part of our day-to-day operations as the mobile credentials allow for us to operate virtually as a 24-hour facility," asserted Robyn Powell, Director of IT at HOTWORX, an international 24-hour fitness studio franchise with over 300 locations. "We have been blown away with the API integration and how seamlessly it works with our member management systems."

Available on both iOS and Android, the company notes its Brivo Mobile Pass "means no more lost keys, keycards or plastic fobs. Employees, tenants, and residents can easily open doors with their phones. Brivo Mobile Pass automatically finds the nearest door and opens it through Bluetooth connection with Brivo Smart Readers."

The company's statement adds, "Mobile access control also takes advantage of the latest iOS and Android capabilities such as using voice commands and creating shortcuts so users can customize their experience. With Brivo Mobile Pass, people can move in and around physical spaces more easily than ever before. Brivo's track record of innovation, network of sales and service channel partners, and direct insights into the needs of its customers across all classes of commercial real estate have the company well positioned for continued growth."

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