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Cloud-based IoT device management, data collection for smart buildings

Feb. 10, 2023
Engenuity Systems' eViewIoT PRO is cloud-based software that provides visibility and control for smart buildings, connected equipment, and IoT devices, reducing maintenance costs and improving uptime.

At AHR Expo (Feb. 6-8) in Atlanta, Engenuity Systems announced the immediate availability of eViewIoT PRO, an IoT device management and data collection application built upon the company's existing cloud-based eViewIoT platform. The PRO edition of this software provides building owners, system integrators, mechanical contractors, as well as equipment manufacturers detailed operational information and status about their assets remotely using any browser-enabled device.

According to Engenuity, built on the Azure platform, eViewIoT PRO provides secure and unified visibility, control, and data collection across portfolios of buildings, fielded equipment and IoT devices enabling comprehensive reports and analytics.

Designed with support teams in mind, the company says its eViewIoT PRO employs informative and easy-to-use views of customers, locations, devices, and users needed to troubleshoot systems and devices. This benefits users by helping reduce maintenance costs, improve uptimes, and provide important insights into collected data.

The platform tracks information including device connectivity, status, alarms, and operational data yielding a complete picture about the performance of large portfolios of smart buildings and IoT assets. Built-in alarms and alerts as well as device-to-device and site-to-site comparisons quickly and easily assist users to find and focus on the underperforming buildings and equipment needing their attention.

eViewIoT can collect large amounts of data in real-time from facilities located worldwide, and virtually any quantity or type of device. Users can then easily filter, search, and arrange historical data from monitored equipment to create and save user-friendly dashboards, custom views, and reports helping to increase scalability of their deployments and portfolios. Further, since its fully integrated with Google Maps, eViewIoT PRO makes it easy to perform tasks like asset tracking and management of support and maintenance resources.

The company notes its eViewIoT PRO is protocol and hardware -agnostic, preventing customers from getting locked into proprietary hardware or software systems. The platform is expandable and interoperable with most common protocols and can utilize already installed components or Engenuity's eViewIoT family of devices to keep costs low.

 Tracy Markie, founder and CEO of Engenuity, commented:

"eViewIoT PRO helps our customers quickly and easily identify issues with equipment and devices preventing unexpected maintenance issues and costly expenses, improving cash flow and profitability. The ease and speed in which eViewIoT can be deployed, combined with its intuitive user interface and features reduces required training and shortens the time needed to achieve maximum operational efficiencies expected by our world-class customers."

Learn more about the eViewIoT platform.

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