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View Immersive Experience turns View Smart Windows into an integrated digital display.

4 smart building products to help achieve net-zero goals

June 15, 2022
These four products can help give your new or existing building the necessary intelligence for improved efficiency and operation.

View Immersive Experience, View

Straight out of your favorite sci-fi movie, View Immersive Experience turns View Smart Windows into a digital, interactive display. Watch television, video chat, collaborate, and display art on window lites 55” and larger, all while maintaining visibility through the glazing. View Immersive Experience requires the integration of a high-definition display into the smart windows, which provide the necessary data, power, dynamic adjustment for optimal contrast, and UV protection for operation. When the display is off, the window tints based on the sun and outdoor conditions to control the amount of light and heat entering the space.

Desigo PXC Controllers, Siemens

This family of programmable HVAC and integration controllers allows building-performance goals room to grow, with configurable input-output points and fast data-processing power and memory. The controllers integrate with a range of open building automation platforms and third-party devices and software via common communication protocols, including Modbus TCP/RTU, BACnet MS/TP, and BACnet/IP. Built-in security includes encrypted server communication via HTTPS and WLAN access points for on-site connectivity. Desigo PXC controllers can accommodate projects ranging in scale, type, and level of complexity.

ENASTAT Gen 2, ENA Solution

Designed for industrial and commercial facilities, this smart thermostat measures temperature and humidity for precise climate control. The device combines the intuitive features of residential thermostats with a durable thermoplastic package to withstand high-traffic environments. “[W]e created a ‘faceless’ design to avoid tampering,” said the company’s co-founder and director Ramin Tajallipour in a product press release. Access to the thermostat is conducted through the free ENA app, which can control an unlimited number of ENASTATs and zones. The device features universal voltage compatibility, internal backup batteries, and connectivity through Wi-Fi, BLE, and LTE. Measuring 3.13" by 4.88", it fits on a standard electrical box.

Multi F Max with LGRED°, LG Electronics

Compatible with ducted and duct-free indoor units, the compact Multi F Max series of outdoor heat pumps can support up to eight zones and is suitable for light commercial and residential applications. Its inverter variable-speed compressor maintains temperature while reducing energy consumption—all while operating quietly. With LGRED° heat technology, the heat pumps can exceed 100% of the rated heating capacity performance down to 5 F and continuous heating down to -13 F. The units can be integrated with the LG MultiSITE VM3 building automation system, powered by the Niagara 4 Framework.

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