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ABB says Ability Building Analyzer tool enables energy savings, emissions cuts

March 8, 2023
For facility managers targeting energy efficiency, the ABB Ability Building Analyzer offers critical insights on building usage and utilities consumption.

With the launch of the ABB Ability Building Analyzer smart building management tool, commercial building facility and energy managers now have the option of a new way to analyze building usage and emissions.

For facility managers targeting energy efficiency, the ABB Ability Building Analyzer offers critical insights on building usage and utilities consumption. The company says its new dynamic building intelligence system offers opportunities for energy savings of up to 20%, plus emissions reduction and maintenance costs savings.

ABB says the cloud-based platform provides an accessible real-time collection of buildings and utilities data, deep analytics, and data visualization in one intuitive and easy-to-use interface

The company adds that this new digital solution provides comprehensive and actionable insights that can deliver on cost reductions, improved energy efficiency, time savings and increased comfort, allowing users to make critical steps on their building decarbonization journey.

Launching in Belgium, Canada, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, and Switzerland, Building Analyzer enables centralization of all critical building operation information providing analysis that allows for potential improvement opportunities.

The tool tracks both buildings data (occupancy, equipment runtime hours, temperatures, and costs) and utilities (energy, gas, water, steam) in real time from almost any kind of data source and an unlimited number of data points.

According to ABB, bacility and energy managers that need to meet budget and energy targets will save time and money when using the granular data, deeper insights, target setting, heat maps, alerts and reporting features provided by the Building Analyzer, and gain a holistic view of their commercial buildings’ portfolio across the globe.

As a cloud-based SaaS solution, ABB Ability Building Analyzer extracts the building data gathered from meters and sensors, logged in various systems, over a secure internet connection.

Billed as manufacturer-agnostic, open and highly flexible, the tool is suitable for commercial buildings of any size and tenant-type, and allows its users to connect to the service from any geographical location, adds the company.

Finally, the company says the building intelligence tool provides easy onboarding and commissioning, and supports compliance with legislation, industry standards and corporate sustainability goals.

Beth Ray, head of global digital solutions, commercial Buildings in ABB Electrification’s smart buildings division, commented:

“Buildings and construction consume more than 30% of the world’s energy and generate nearly 40% of global CO2 emissions. With significant pre-sales already, our new ABB Ability Building Analyzer is directly addressing customer demands amid today’s energy challenges and the need to lower energy costs. As an intuitive, comprehensive and accessible digital tool it can not only bring costs under greater control, but establishes the baseline and path towards full building decarbonization, by helping reduce building energy consumption by up to 20%.”

Learn more about ABB Ability Building Analyzer.

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