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Siemens acquiring digital twin software provider EcoDomus

Dec. 10, 2021
EcoDomus software creates, maintains and visualizes BIM-based digital building twins.

Siemens Smart Infrastructure recently signed an agreement to acquire digital twin software creator EcoDomus. “The move helps Siemens Smart Infrastructure expand its digital building portfolio, including its cloud-based building operations twin software and its flagship building management platform Desigo CC,” Siemens said when announcing the acquisition.

The EcoDomus software creates, maintains and visualized building information management (BIM) based digital building twins, making design and construction data available for building operations and maintenance. Users of the software can generate digital replicas of their real buildings and assets, creating a common data environment that integrates BIM, building management systems (BMS), computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), and Internet of Things (IoT) systems. The solution enables BIM-driven workflows and digital twin-based lifecycle management, complemented by 3D visualization.

“The way we operate buildings is fundamentally changing, thanks to the power of digitalization and digital twins” stated Henning Sandfort, chief executive officer of building products at Siemens Smart Infrastructure. “By enhancing our existing offering for digitalized buildings with EcoDomus’s software, we are strengthening our leading industry position in that dynamic market, offering our customers the full-spectrum benefits of BIM-based operations.”

Siemens further pointed out that in the past, BIM data use predominantly has focused on a building’s construction phase. Today its benefits also can be leveraged in the operations and maintenance phase. “This is crucial, because this is where 80% of a building’s total lifecycle costs will occur,” Siemens added.

“Leveraging the acquired data creation and visualization capabilities, Siemens’ digital building software portfolio will bring substantial benefits to customers: enhanced insights into the performance of their building, real-time issue identification and resolution, better space and energy utilization, and many others,” Siemens added. “Customers will be able to turn their buildings into more sustainable, comfortable and safe places to live and work, while at the same time streamlining processes and reducing operational costs.”

Siemens said it expects the deal to close within the next few months. EcoDomus is a privately held U.S.-based company.

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