Johnson Controls notes received market-leading scores for its integrated AI-infused solutions in Verdantix’s assessment of 17 of the most prominent IoT platforms on their ability to deliver value and support enterprise-scale architecture.

Johnson Controls' AI integrated IoT smart buildings tech gains analyst plaudits

March 9, 2022
Johnson Controls has been ranked by industry research firm Verdantix as an overall "leader" in a comparison of 17 prominent IoT platforms and edge AI software offerings for smart buildings.

Johnson Controls (NYSE: JCI) recently announced that it received market-leading scores for its integrated AI-infused solutions in an independent assessment  of 17 of the most prominent IoT platforms on their ability to deliver value and support enterprise-scale architecture.

Independent research and advisory firm Verdantix made its determination after live product demonstrations and an extensive questionnaire and survey of 285 real estate and facilities executives.

The Verdantix study highlights the increasingly prominent role IoT platforms are playing in the collection and analysis of data to deliver higher levels of automation, leveraging insights to optimize building operations.

The report calls out several strengths that differentiate Johnson Controls from its competitors, chief among them enabling building and facilities managers to monitor and manage their assets through the company's OpenBlue Enterprise Manager platform.

The platform's bailiwick includes providing options for actions building managers may take when receiving an alert related to improving indoor air quality or space utilization focusing on either improving risk, optimizing energy efficiency, and helping to determine how to balance risk and energy efficiency; and by creating customizable occupant experience through its companion app, which enables people to make choices about spaces or adjust comfort settings for heat or lighting.

For its part, the report noted JCI's OpenBlue Cloudvue security platform differentiates by providing options for users to view important moments from closed-circuit television footage in convenient formats through remote viewing to allow for quick responses to emerging issues.

Finally, JCI notes that, as the number of sensors and amount of data in buildings continues to grow exponentially, the value of processing data and applying intelligence at the edge, without having to send data to the cloud, becomes increasingly pronounced. This further creates value for customers by enabling real-time, secure and actionable insights. In this vein, further differentiating Johnson Controls leadership position in smart, healthy and sustainable buildings in the area of sensors, the report also cited the company's recent acquisition of FogHorn, a top provider of edge AI software.

Based on its analysis, Verdantix recommends certain types of buyers who should be particularly interested in procuring offerings from Johnson Controls. These included:

  • Large facilities looking for a comprehensive IoT platform.
  • Businesses managing a diverse set of building assets.
  • Organizations across industries seeking a modern, user-centric security solution.

Case study

The fourth largest school district in the state of Colorado, Cherry Creek, is using JCI to help achieve its energy efficiency goals through a guaranteed performance contract.

Colorado is requiring owners of large buildings (over 50,000 square feet) to collect and report on energy-use benchmarking data and comply with rules regarding performance standards related to energy and greenhouse gas emissions which need to be reduced from the 2021 baseline by 7% by 2026 and 20% by 2030.

"Good management requires the ability to have good data and measurement. OpenBlue is the data measurement tool we need to ensure we are meeting the sustainability goals of our District stakeholders," said David Henderson, Deputy Chief of Operations, Cherry Creek School District.

"Our OpenBlue solutions allow building and facilities managers to make better decisions supported by smart, autonomous buildings that continuously learn, adapt and automatically respond to the needs of the environment and people," said Mike Ellis, executive vice president and Chief Digital & Customer Officer. "Johnson Controls is providing the right solutions at the right time – our customers want a comprehensive IoT platform to optimize energy, maintenance and space usage, and our technology provides a cost-effective, flexible and scalable platform."

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