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The 10 biggest smart building stories of 2022

Dec. 21, 2022
Real-life success stories, the capabilities of new technologies, and views into the future highlight the stories that got your attention the most.

For the smart building industry, the year 2022 was unique yet had a familiar ring to it. Living up to the adage that the only constant is change, the industry continued to grow and evolve this year. With some landmark legislation in the United States showing promise for the future, and smart-building success stories growing in number and significance, the practitioners who make their (your) living in the smart building space continue to rely on the technologies, systems, and practices that enable success.

All those elements are present in our list of the 10 most popular stories from the Smart Buildings Technology website in 2022. Here they are, ranked in order of page views.

BACnet and Modbus are open communication protocols, but can they help future-proof buildings? Buildings IOT master systems integrator Brian Cline provides a primer on widely used communication protocols in building management systems.

7 must-have IoT sensors for smart buildings. When it comes to smart building IoT sensors, the plummeting prices, increased intelligence capabilities and ease of deployment are making it so that IoT is worth it no matter who you are.

How digital twins can transform smart buildings. Though digital twin adoption remains in its early stages, the benefits and use cases demonstrate significant potential. Many experts see the technology as central to smart buildings of the future.

Decarbonizing New York: 3 paths to success in the city. In America’s most populous city, visionary building owners, architects, and engineers are integrating smart technologies in a race to neutralize their carbon footprint and electrify their properties.

Hotel Marcel: Where historic architecture meets smart, net-zero technology. In New Haven, Conn., an iconic Brutalist structure originally designed by architect Marcel Breuer is adapted into a net-zero energy hotel, thanks to the efforts of designer and developer Bruce Redman Becker.

How the Inflation Reduction Act will boost smart buildings. The smart building sector stands to benefit from the bill, which will allocate nearly $370 billion to nationwide efforts to combat climate change.

4 smart building products to help achieve net-zero goals. These four products can help give your new or existing building the necessary intelligence for improved efficiency and operation.

Smart building certifications: Too many choices? As more real estate investors, developers, and building owners embrace the concept of smart buildings, this complex and diverse landscape presents the challenges of choosing a certification that best fits a facility and meets business goals.

Perkins&Will’s Yehia Madkour on opportunities in smart buildings for architects. The thought leader gives his takes on the start of the art in smart buildings.

Wendy’s largest franchise owner flips 345 sites into smart buildings. The work between Meritage Hospitality Group and GridPoint started in February 2021 with a five-site pilot.

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