Doing A.D.A. Means You Need Reliable Information

June 16, 2020

A.D.A. is very important, but everything on your plate is important. All of what goes in and on or around your building requires reliable information. 

A.D.A. is very important, but everything on your plate is important. All of what goes in and on or around your building requires reliable information.

Accountability Information Management, Inc (AIM) is an increasingly trusted resource for such market and B2B intelligence. For years we have conducted proprietary research in construction markets for manufacturers, publishers, associations.

Examining ADA Restroom Requirements: The foundation for accessible design is our latest. It contains links to products for such restrooms, requirements, as well as a robust discussion from one of the leading experts in ADA today: Jim Vitale. Our website is a comprehensive collection of such independent reports on specification trends.

  • The Reports section of our website explores Exterior, Interior and Systems product specification trends. Not just a collection of who makes what, but in depth looks into WHAT gets specified, and what doesn’t. Each report is researched and analyzed using the latest construction database information and our knowledge base. Just keep scrolling once you land on the page to see the reports—and read them for free.

  • The Research section of our website contains reports on the latest marketing trends as well as advertising which, like everything else, is morphing into “something else” because of the increasing pressure of COVID-19.

  • The Snapshot section is our latest “quick read” information for the professional in the construction business.

Don’t see the one you want? Contact us and depending on the scope, we’ll consider covering it at little or no charge to you.

AIM has been in business for 30 years, working quietly in the background for our clients. Today, we’re emerging as a go-to-resource for reliable, accurate and truthful information—something that is increasingly rare.

Visit us as and spend a few minutes exploring our reports. Then, call us to discuss your particular needs. One of the things you are hearing these days is data is the “new oil.” That’s wrong. Oil is a limited resource. Data are unlimited, what economists call “non rival” —something that can be consumed or possessed by multiple users. That means you are receiving a lot of information—and frankly, a lot of noise.

Let AIM help you find the true signals in the noise. Call us today at 847-358-8558. Thank you, and we look forward to speaking with you.

*This article is sponsored content provided by aim.

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