Connectrac® Enables the Rise of Coworking

Nov. 26, 2019

Coworking started as a concept to create a space where independent consultants, entrepreneurs and freelancers could rent a small office, private desk, or shared “hot seat” in a communal workplace. The revolutionary trend quickly hit a thriving target. 

Coworking started as a concept to create a space where independent consultants, entrepreneurs and freelancers could rent a small office, private desk, or shared “hot seat” in a communal workplace. The revolutionary trend quickly hit a thriving target.

Calculations estimate that 1,000 new coworking spaces opened in the United States in 2018, and research shows that by 2020 nearly 40 percent of the workforce will be independent workers. But coworking has gained a new following. This flexible-space concept now appeals to small and large companies too. Connectrac solutions are uniquely suited to support coworking spaces and increase their benefits to independent professionals and companies alike.

Synergy and Strategy

One of the highest values of coworking is human interaction. Those who once worked alone from home enjoy an environment filled with both like-minded and diverse professionals. This offers a sense of connection and community that enhances wellbeing as well as practical business benefits. Individuals are exposed to new stimuli and idea exchanges that boost creativity and productivity, and the surrounding network of potential partners, key players, or even investors elevates business opportunities. In fact, many large companies (including Google, Airbnb, Citibank, and Amazon) have moved teams into coworking spaces to stay on top of groundswell trends and find their next great employees.

Virtual Office

Bring in a laptop, and coworking spaces place everything else at one’s fingertips. Power, data, and high-speed wi-fi connections are ready and running, and Connectrac solutions help make that possible. Connectrac delivers exceptional connectivity and reliable power right where it’s needed, be it a perimeter floor-to-ceiling window wall or centralized interior area. Hot seats (or shared desks) in communal spaces require the same services as private offices. Connectrac brings electrical and data services to open areas in an easy-to-install and unobtrusive way. Connectrac solutions can even transform a simple table into a powered workstation, increasing coworking opportunities. And with all the foot traffic in communal hot seat areas, Connectrac solutions’ ADA-compliant profiles are a must.

The shared amenities of coworking spaces (a printer, scanner, photocopier, and high-speed internet) remove purchase expenses and maintenance hassles. As a result, coworkers aren’t bogged down by buying ink and printer paper or hiring someone to fix a broken scanner. Connectrac’s flexibility boosts productivity by allowing this shared equipment to be situated in the exact locale that best serves all coworkers – whether that’s inside a former closet or on the wall of a large corridor.

Economies of Scale

Larger organizations have tapped into several advantages of coworking. These spaces allow remote workers to be in a productive environment without having to set up a long-distance office, and they create opportunities to test the waters in a new market without committing to a long-term commercial office lease. In addition, fluctuating economic predictions make coworking an attractive alternative. Renting coworking office space can be done on a monthly or annual basis, which requires a minimal investment. And it’s easy to rent more coworking space or downscale as needed.

Regardless of size, however, companies demand high performance with fully equipped offices and conference rooms that have uninterrupted power and data service. Connectrac provides multiple electrical options for office workstations with a modular plug-and-play system or by hardwiring the furniture infeed directly to our products. Our solutions create state-of-the-art conference rooms with power, IT/AV, and telecom cable management that can easily be reconfigured to meet a variety of needs.

Thanks to today’s technology, coworking is reshaping the way people work, and Connectrac’s ease and versatility increase opportunities for these new connections, flexible configurations, and high-performance spaces.

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