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Connectrac Solution Eases Growing Pains

July 1, 2019

Floor-based power and data distribution without core drilling.

Growth is a good thing. But it does come with challenges. Our company’s most recent expansion marks our third growth spurt in only two years! Fortunately, Connectrac 3.7 In-Carpet and 3.7 On-Floor products combined with our modular power system made these exciting transitions smooth and efficient.

Bridging the Divide
In 2016, we purchased a single-story building to bring all teams under one roof with room to grow – in essence, to future-proof our space. Our plans to provide Class A offices for corporate staff and efficient and comfortable warehouse space for operations looked great on the blueprints. But the time lapse between space design and actual occupancy mean that even the best-laid plans can fall short.

As we’ve often seen with our customers, changes need to be made – sometimes on the very first day of occupancy – even though furniture and electrical are already installed.

Our own experience echoed that of our customers. Our design offered conference rooms, work areas and cubicle workstations. It was exactly what we thought we needed. Just a few months after move-in, however, we had already outgrown the original layout.

Within a year, another uptick in sales demanded more workstations for more people. Our latest 1,700-square-foot expansion into adjacent, underutilized space is set to accommodate ten employees with room to add five more in the future. We’ve seen that spaces and ways to deliver power and data within them have to be flexible enough to adapt to unforeseen changes, including our own.

End-to-End Solution
With all these changes, it’s critically important to have a non-disruptive way to add and relocate power and cabling connections. Connectrac 3.7 perfectly met our new capacity needs and will continue to do so as we grow.

A large number of our customers recognize Connectrac as their complete end-to-end solution ranging from conference rooms to multi-floor installations. Increasingly, it just isn’t feasible to core drill to accommodate power and data needs. Connectrac’s quick daytime installation solutions offer minimal noise and little-to-no mess, which removes the worry of trying to make special after-hours arrangements or inconvenience tenants below. In addition, many buildings aren’t candidates for core drilling due to the number of cores that already exist.

Costs and finding available labor in busy urban markets for core drills are inconvenient, but the biggest struggle with any expansion is keeping operations underway. It’s a paradox: work has to continue smoothly in order to serve growing needs, which is the reason for expansion in the first place.

So, when we’re helping you find the best solution for your needs, we’re not just speaking from a product-owner perspective, we’re bringing empathy and first-hand experience in optimal product selection, coordination and daily use. Let Connectrac help you ease your growing pains so you can focus on the gains.

To learn more visit https://connectrac.com/products/.

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