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Introducing Connectrac Flex™ Movable Power

May 31, 2019

Connectrac Flex ™ is a floor based power and data distribution system which allows users to quickly add connectivity or change power locations in a snap to meet the demands of today’s workspace.

Fourteen years ago, Connectrac® introduced the world to an alternative to core drilling for power/data connectivity inside commercial spaces.  Now we introduce the next generation Connectrac Flex™ which provides power everywhere along with the ability to change connectivity locations in a snap.  This is the ultimate freedom from core drilling.

Connectrac pioneered the concept of floor-based raceways which could accommodate robust multi-circuit power/multiple communications cables.  Since 2005, we’ve become the industry leader in this category.  Today, the need for power and data is virtually everywhere.  Furniture manufacturers have placed power in much of their designs, but where does the power come from?  Employees, students and visitors all expect to “plug in” wherever they are in a building.  But that building space must also be agile enough to be used for more than one purpose, to adjust, to change and to never give up any connectivity options for its users. Until now, “agile” and “electrical power” have not been used in the same sentence.  Connectrac’s Flex™ changes all that.

There has never been a smarter, more flexible solution for power/data distribution.  Connectrac’s patented Flex systems provide robust floor-based power/data distribution throughout any space via an invisible ultra-low-profile assembly that easily installs at any time during the life of a space.  It’s engineered for every interior space including open office areas, schools, libraries, training and conference rooms, airports and more. Flex solves all interior power and connectivity issues:  it is simple and quick to install; it provides the agility to rapidly change any space, and it offers all the power and data capacity needed for interior environments.  With Flex, changes to furniture, power and data are easily accommodated without hiring electrical crews.  Flex is the new paradigm for power and data infrastructure. 

Flex easily installs on any floor substrate creating a patented electrical grid covered by carpet tile.  By installing a series of Powertracs and powered hubs hidden under carpet, a space becomes anything a designer wants it to be. A receptacle module can be plugged into any or all of the locations where a powered hub is waiting, and these devices can be changed in minutes.  Simply snap in a receptacle to power a collaborative area, change it out for a hardwire module to fire up your work stations, or snap a hub cap over it to make it flush with your floor.  Flex works great with any amount of data cables or in a wireless environment. This is the genius of Connectrac Flex; it gives you the freedom to change your space. 

In a perfect world, designers and facility planners would have the freedom to make design decisions without the headaches that often come with providing power and data.  With Flex, designers and planners have access to the most discrete, most flexible, most powerful power and data distribution system available.  It sits invisibly beneath carpet tile or on hard surface flooring.  You can connect to it virtually anywhere along its length.  Expertly designed receptacle modules and other devices blend in discretely within workspaces and provide convenient power and data connectivity anywhere and everywhere.    

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