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A World of Inspiration: The Antron® Brand Presents a Global Color Trend Report for 2017-18

Dec. 20, 2016

Antron® fiber sees the future in four major trends. Its recent 2017-2018 Global Color Trend Forecast identifies major concepts defining new influences driving colors and materials. The insightful report gives the A&D community and facilities professionals a peek at what’s on the design horizon.

The ever-evolving and sometimes mysterious world of design is now easier to de-code.  The Antron® brand recently released its Global Trend Report for 2017-2018.

For those tasked with specifying carpet for commercial installations, the new report offers valuable perspective.

It summarizes key design shifts, offering an insider’s preview of inspirations that will drive product innovation and color palettes in the years ahead.  Considering these trends before making new project decisions can help ensure interiors with long-lasting appeal.

Four Design Themes

Within the vast array of forces at play in the design world, the Antron® brand identifies four theme adventures that will inspire and influence globally in 2017-2018.

Every trend explores a different aspect of our modern world. They draw from the ocean, essential forms, the comforts of classic design, and our increasingly digital reality.

The new Global Trend report is also published as a short, informative video. It targets design professionals and includes a summary of each trend’s inspiration and palette.

More than passing color fads, these themes have been chosen as having lasting influence. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Aquatic Voyage – The depths of the unknown ocean come to life through cool colors and materials with a watery effect.
  • Infinite Shadow – This trend celebrates microscopic imagery and x-rays with a clean aesthetic that celebrates light.
  • Classic Allure – In our turbulent times, timeless design steadies the eye and comforts the spirit.
  • Coded Canvas – Derived from the digital world, this trend includes digitized and pixelated shapes.

Carpet Fiber Designed to Enhance and Endure

Antron® nylon is widely celebrated as one of the most durable fibers in the industry.  But the long-lasting beauty Antron® fiber lends commercial carpets is equally appealing.  It’s vibrant colors and palettes unlock bold design possibilities.

Antron® Lumena™ fiber provides long-lasting beauty that can enhance the design integrity of installations by defending them from unsightly matting and crushing. The color lasts longer because it’s built in – not dyed on.  Check out the wide array of available colors.

Antron® Legacywhite dyeable fiber offers carpet manufacturers virtually limitless creative possibilities.

Available in numerous tuft styles and patterns, carpets of Antron® fiber offer rich colors that compliment interiors and remain vibrant.

Facilities managers, architects and interior designers will find the trends identified by Antron® are a valuable reference. They’re a useful backdrop against which to evaluate flooring and interior materials choices.

For more information about the Antron® brand portfolio of fibers, visit Antron.net.

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