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Nov. 29, 2016

AOE software MAKES IT EASY to create Accurate invoices for tenant expenses.
Since 1998 thousands of office buildings have used our BOMA-approved methodology.

• Online Software Program & Data Storage • Free Support & Upgrades with the Annual Maintenance Program • Automated Billing, Cover Letters & 20+ Reports • Download Reports to Excel, Word or PDF • Upload Data from your Accounting Software • Affordable Pricing

Now Online

ALPHA Office Escalations (AOE) is now a software‐as‐a‐service product and can be licensed on a subscription basis on the Cloud ( www.AlphaOfficeOnline.com). AOE was designed in 1998 by two real estate guys: one, a very experienced real estate accountant¹ and the other, a commercial property manager². So, unlike other escalation solutions, their software actually does what property managers and property accountants need it to do:

AOE produces accurate invoices for each tenant’s share of operating expenses, using methodology that is consistent with the terms of each office lease. So, your tenants will be satisfied and you’ll be confident that your invoices are correct.

With AOE, all you have to do is input rent roll and expense information while following the steps we’ve established. It’s flexible, it can accommodate 99%+ of office leases typically used in office buildings, and it doesn’t allow formulas to be corrupted. You can quit using homegrown Excel schedules that were written in the Dark Ages (we know, we were there …), or quit using the seriously inflexible escalation module in your accounting software that compels you to go back to Excel.

AOE is the only accounting software that uses BOMA‐approved methodology for difficult lease provisions like Gross Ups, Expense Caps, Capital Amortizations, and many more. That means fewer mistakes, better tenant relations, and a very high probability that you will survive your next escalation audit. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about ALPHA Office Escalations:

“The software has removed all the apprehension from performing the annual true‐ups. They are now fast, accurate and never disputed. They have been commended by the auditors themselves.” 
Karrie S. McCampbell, CPM, VP, Management Services, Transwestern Commercial Services

"We used to rely on Excel spreadsheets for our escalation billings. This escalation software is much more dependable, since formulas can’t be changed. It’s fast: Year 2 was a breeze, since we only had to input changes. And using BOMA approved methodology makes our tenants really comfortable.”
Brett Williams, CPM, SVP, Director of Property Management, Central Division, PM Realty Group

“We’ve achieved consistency in our year‐end reconciliations, gross‐up calculations and our tenant pre‐ billings. The software easily works with gross and triple net leases, multiple expense pools and detailed reporting.”  
Paul Noetzel, Associate Director of Real Estate Management, CB Richard Ellis, Austin, Texas

“I like the invoices for tenants. The breakdown and format are very clean and understandable. The program makes it easy to verify any caps on expenses or gross‐up calculations and there are fewer human errors.”
Karen Bray, Property Manager, Lincoln Property Company

Since 1991 when BOMA International published The Escalation Handbook for Office Buildings (now in its 3rd Edition, 2014), thousands of office buildings have used our products to calculate and invoice operating expenses for their tenants. Now you can follow the same methodology, using ALPHA Office Escalations. It pays you back.


• Online Software Program & Data Storage
• Annual Service Program provides Support & Automatic Upgrades
• Automated Invoices, Cover Letters & 20+ Reports
• Dashboard shows Recovery of Actual Expenses & other important metrics
• Download Reports to Excel, Word or PDF
• Upload Data from your Accounting Software
• Very Affordable Pricing

For more information, visit our website at www.AlphaOfficeOnline.com.

Contact Bill (713‐907‐6497) or Larry (630‐251‐4087)

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