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Your Top Three Commercial Carpet Problems, Solved.

July 14, 2016

Installing commercial carpet is a big investment. Do you know how much it’s really costing you? Learn what factors to consider so you can make an educated purchase decision. 

How much is your carpet really costing you?

Installing carpet is a significant investment. And aside from the up-front price you pay, maintenance costs, the replacement cycle and the business interruption that accompanies the purchase should also be considered.

Calculate the sum of the expenses incurred during the life of your carpet, and you will find the estimated Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). TCO is the expected cost over time of your carpet investment. Calculating TCO should be the first step taken toward making an educated flooring decision. Quickly calculate TCO and receive carpet comparisons by visiting this link.

Between managing budgets, timelines and expectations, carpet fiber probably isn’t at the top of your list.  But it should be, because it can have a big impact on maintenance costs and the replacement cycle. 

Antron® Carpet Fiber, a manufacturer of durable nylon carpet fiber, tested more than 500 commercial carpets to measure how they stand up to heavy soiling and foot traffic. What did they find? Carpet fiber matters. They used the extensive test results to power a “TCO Calculator” tool that takes factors like carpet color, pattern, texture and fiber type, and calculates the expected difference in maintenance costs over time between two, similar commercial carpet styles.

Whether you are anticipating a new carpet installation next month or down the road, visit this link to plug in your carpet specifications and estimate your Total Cost of Ownership for a new installation. The results will help you make an educated purchase decision.

Top 3 Commercial Carpet Challenges

Look closer…it’s all in the carpet fiber choice. Carpet fiber plays an important role in what you will end up paying in maintenance costs. It also determines how your carpet stands up to the top three commercial carpet challenges:

  1. Soiling

Carpet is soiled when the outside comes inside. But carpet can resist soiling at a microscopic level. Certain fiber shapes allow less room for soil to be trapped, making for easier cleaning.

  1. Staining

Spills are going to happen. So wouldn’t it be best if you could keep them from becoming stains? Much like soiling, certain fiber shapes allow less room for spills to seep in, meaning they don’t stick around long enough to become stains.

  1. Matting and crushing

Foot traffic is tough on commercial carpet, especially in high traffic facilities like schools and airports. But when carpet is crafted from a fiber with a tighter molecular structure, it is better able to stand up to matting and crushing. 

So what’s the Antron® Fiber difference?

  1. Carpets of Antron® fiber offer up to 65% better soil resistance making cleaning so much easier.
  2. Antron® fiber offers up to 10x better stain resistance so your carpet looks better, longer.
  3. Antron® fiber has up to 2.5x better texture retention – meaning the integrity of your design will hold up long past the honeymoon phase and can last up to 75% longer.  So go ahead and design your heart out knowing Antron® fiber will do your design justice, year after year.

If a carpet bears the Antron® brand name, you can breathe easy knowing it passed a gauntlet of rigorous tests to live up to our tough performance standards. Carpets of Antron® fiber are warranted for static resistance and against fiber loss due to abrasive wear.

Antron® carpet fiber can help your spaces make a lasting impression year after year. To learn more, view video testimonials and contact a mill representative visit www.antron.net.

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