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Aug. 20, 2014

When it comes to office security, there are several options for access control systems to manage the perimeter of a building. Securing interior office spaces in a commercial building, though, has not been so straightforward. In fact, interior office security has historically been a real challenge for businesses.

When it comes to office security, there are several options for access control systems to manage the perimeter of a building. Securing interior office spaces in a commercial building, though, has not been so straightforward. In fact, interior office security has historically been a real challenge for businesses.

The challenge of today’s most common solutions

Mechanical door hardware is the most common solution in play. Yet, it’s time-consuming to manage with regular employee or tenant turnover as well as the distribution of hundreds of keys. A lost key means rekeying every single opening, every single time a key is lost or not retrieved. And it’s impossible to know, at any given time, when and where keys are being used—and by whom. Most of all, maintaining the integrity of a master key system is a complicated process that requires a security professional such as a locksmith.  Other options such as keypad locks offer better control over access to restricted areas in the office, but do not leverage the secure credential options that are readily available today.

The limitations of enterprise, integrated access control solutions

Integrated electronic solutions are another option for interior office security, but they, too, have challenges. For starters, implementing a solution often means renovation to run wires, which can be a costly and disruptive process. Additionally, today’s electronic access control systems are typically designed for commercial application by businesses with in-house facility management and IT professionals. Many have found that implementing an enterprise access control solution simply does not fit. Common complaints are that they are difficult to select, painful to implement, too expensive, over-featured and difficult to manage.

Bottom line: There hasn’t been an ideal electronic solution for interior office security, until now

Allegion conducted interviews and focus groups with Building Owners and Managers Association members to understand current challenges and, more importantly, determine the type of solution they believed would best serve the market.  Commercial real estate professionals emphasized that they are looking for a technology-driven solution that enables business owners as well as property and facility managers to easily succeed at office security. They imagined a solution that is both Internet-based and app-driven, giving owners and managers immediate control of who has access to an office door—right from their mobile phone. They wanted a solution that was easy to identify, easy to buy and implement and easy to use every day.  Such a solution, they claimed, would transform how commercial facilities are secured and managed.

Based on the input received from industry members, Allegion is pleased to unveil the new Schlage® NDE wireless electronic lock with ENGAGE™ Technology allowing commercial owners and managers to quickly evolve from having an intelligent perimeter only to a more secure, connected and efficient environment on the interior as well. This innovative solution—available in October 2014—brings together the electronic lock, mobile app and credential of choice. ENGAGE Technology gives property managers and office managers unprecedented control over interior office security.

  • Easy to buy: With the lock, credential and app all combined into one solution, the NDE lock with ENGAGE Technology gives you everything you need to add access control to an office space. It doesn’t require pulling together separate components to custom-design a solution. Everything is included and designed to work just like you need.
  • Easy to implement: With a wireless, Wi-Fi-based technology platform, this solution is easy to deploy to multiple tenants and users. There are no wires to run and it fits all standard door preps. It can be installed in approximately 15 minutes—with no renovations or retrofitting.
  • Easy to manage: ENGAGE Technology relies on known technologies familiar to consumers. With a mobile phone app, you have immediate access to the building in a way that is simple and intuitive. The app provides building managers and tenants a quick, easy way to control the access of their space at all times—even when they are not onsite. It also allows them to manage credentials—including adding or deleting users in real-time—right from a Wi-Fi-connected smartphone or tablet. Most of all, it’s easy to use with all the necessary security features built right into the app.
  • Easy to use: Multiple credential types—proximity cards, smart cards, and mobile credentials—work with the solution so tenants can possibly even leverage their existing building credential for their office entry and interior spaces. 
  • Easy to budget for: Finally, because the NDE with ENGAGE Technology was designed for the commercial real estate market—with only the necessary features included—its price point is reflective of the value it offers to the commercial market.

When a business is not properly secured—from the inside out—it is at risk. By controlling access to more than the entrance of your office, you’ll not only secure your business assets, but also improve productivity and, ultimately, safeguard your reputation.

About the Author

April Dalton-Noblitt is Director of Vertical Marketing for Allegion, a $2 billion provider of security solutions for homes and businesses.  She leads the US marketing and communications effort for issues and solutions that positively impact K-12 schools, Colleges & Universities, Commercial Real Estate, Government, Multi-housing and the Healthcare market segments.  April can be reached at [email protected].

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