Stop core Drilling & Trenching

Feb. 25, 2014
Connectrac wireways offer discrete and elegant power and technology connectivity in open interior spaces of all kinds. With its breakthrough modular wireway alternative to expensive core drilling, Connectrac brings power and communications from the wall to wherever it is needed affordably, quickly and with long-term flexibility. Connectrac meets the demands of university, government, airport and corporate facility projects across the United States and Canada.

Are you In or On?

Connectrac wireways are available in both “in the carpet” and “on the floor” styles. Connectrac In-Carpet Wireways combine an extruded aluminum central wireway flanked by ultra-low sloping floor transition ramps, creating a subtle, powerful and beautiful cable pathway solution for virtually any need. Extremely durable and flexible, Connectrac In-Carpet Wireways comply with the ADA and offer a multitude of power options and telecom capabilities. Connectrac is the best alternative for open space connectivity when aesthetics, flexibility and value are important.

The new Connectrac On-Floor (Surface Mounted) Wireways install directly on top of any type of flooring. They are the industry’s latest alternative to core drilling and trenching for access to power and technology in open spaces. Extremely durable and low profile, Connectrac  On-Floor Wireways offer a wide array of power, audiovisual and telecom connectivity options. They lead the industry in both ease of installation and capacity for telecom and audiovisual cables. Connectrac On-Floor Wireways are the best solution when speed of installation, flexibility and value are critical.

Altoon Partners retrofit historic building with Connectrac

Altoon Partners, an award-winning international architecture firm with offices in the United States, Amsterdam and Shanghai, recently moved its Los Angeles headquarters into a historic building built in 1929. The design for the new offices called for workstations with ample areas for collaborative work and video conferencing. To provide for this open landscape the firm chose the innovative and beautiful Steelcase C:scape desking systems.

One of the key challenges faced from the outset was how to bring power, audiovisual and telecom connectivity to these work areas without expensive and destructive core drilling. Both raised floors and power poles were quickly eliminated as possible solutions. Raised floors would not work because of the cost and complexity of adding a raised floor system to an existing, historic building, and power poles simply did not meet Altoon’s aesthetic goals. In researching alternatives, Altoon Partners discovered Connectrac.

Altoon partners immediately wanted to know more. “Once we found Connectrac, our cabling problem was solved. We love how Connectrac has enabled us to achieve the design objectives - both in terms of aesthetics and in functionality.” Altoon Partners utilized Connectrac In-Carpet Wireways throughout their new spaces to get cabling to their workstations and to all meeting and conference areas. Their needs called for Connectrac’s “direct-connect” power integration method to be utilized in conjunction with the Connectrac In-Carpet Wireways. Steelcase’s 8-wire, 4-circuit power infeed conduits were run directly from the base of the C:scape furniture panels into the Connectrac cable pathway. The end result is a simple and elegant integration of technology cabling, furniture and the interior building elements themselves.

Challenged by the need to connect in a building which withstood decades of time, Connectrac was able to provide connections without core drilling or power poles for Altoon’s collaborative work space.

See a full list of Connectrac innovations for more information -- http://www.connectrac.com/site/case-studies.asp

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