3 Trends at IRE

February 12, 2019

The first day of the 2019 International Roofing Expo (IRE) included the opening of the largest show floor in IRE history. More than 500 exhibitors are showcased on the sold-out floor, where they’re offering innovative solutions for every type of roof

BUILDINGS found these three trends on the floor. 

Energy Efficiency 

Lowering energy bills is a perpetual concern for facilities professionals. A roof replacement or re-cover project is a good opportunity to make some headway on energy efficiency.

Rich-E-Board, an insulated composite panel system, delivers an R-value of 50 with an inch and a half of material due to the combination of vacuum-insulated panels sandwiched between polyisocyanurate cover boards.

Coatings are a great option if you’re looking to save money on energy without replacing your entire roof.

The Flex White Coating by Nygra Coatings has a solar reflectance index of 109, one of the highest ratings available. Buildings in locations where white coatings aren’t an option can opt for a black coating that actually reflects heat like its white counterparts rather than absorbing it like black roofs traditionally do.

Emergency Preparation

Every facilities manager needs a few dependable repair tricks for emergencies. The show floor at the 2019 IRE is full of ideas for a rainy day (or a day with any other kind of severe weather, for that matter).

For example, Mule-Hide Products Co.’s Seal-Fast Repair Hero flashing can be applied in any condition on surfaces that are dry, wet or underwater and in any ambient temperature. It’s a terpolymer sealant that can adhere to any substrate, including asphalt, metal, elastomeric membranes and concrete.

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Retractable Skylights 

Your daylighting options aren’t limited to windows. One 2019 vendor, Roll-a-Cover, creates fixed and retractable skylight systems with aircraft-grade aluminum that can meet the snow and wind loads wherever you are. The retractable systems are popular for outdoor dining, pools and rooftop amenities. 

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