Courtesy of Diversified Fall Protection

The Importance of Rooftop Fall Protection for Building Owners and Facility Managers

Dec. 1, 2023
Is your roof a safe place to be? Understand the nuances of rooftop safety by knowing the specific regulations that govern it.

How to Save Money with Code-Compliant Roof Replacements

Feb. 16, 2022
Roof replacements often mean sticker shock, but did you know using today’s innovative roofing materials can help offset your project costs with long-term energy savings? Learn...
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Today’s Top Roofing Trends and Issues (IRE 2021)

Aug. 12, 2021
Change was the word in the air at the 2021 International Roofing Expo. BUILDINGS discovered these trends and issues affecting the roofing industry.

What Does 2021 Hold for the Roofing Industry?

Feb. 3, 2021
Jennifer Ford-Smith, incoming chair of the EPDM Roofing Association, joins BUILDINGS editor-in-chief Janelle Penny to discuss what the roofing industry will look like in 2021 ...

Is Your Location Adopting Building Energy Performance Standards? Here’s What to Do

July 10, 2020
Building energy performance standards are policy commitments to increase building safety, resilience and energy efficiency.

3 High-Tech Tools That Can Better Your Building’s Roof and Exterior

May 15, 2020
Technology like high-resolution imagery and advanced weather systems are enabling facility managers to be more proactive than reactive when it comes to roofs and a building’s ...