5 Money-Saving Plumbing & Washroom Products

May 31, 2018

When it comes to bathrooms and plumbing, building owners and facilities managers like you have a lot to worry about, like meeting ADA compliance requirements. But you shouldn't have to worry about washing money down the drain due to wasted water and energy usage.

The BUILDINGS 2018: Money-Saving Products award highlights five companies and their products that can help.

Product winners include a: water-conserving metering faucet; tankless water heater with a thermal efficiency rating of 98%; flushometer sensoractivated retrofit with a solar power option; drain pump saves installation time, costs and mess; and an all-in-one handwashing station.

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Here are the 5 plumbing & washroom product 2018 winners:

  • 3500 Series Faucet
  • NCC199CDV - Tankless Water Heater
  • Retrofit Flushometers
  • Sanicom 1 Simplex Drain Pump
  • Verge with WashBar

3500 Series Faucet

3500 Series from Chicago Faucets

3500 Series water-conserving metering faucets are made of durable brass and deliver flow rates of 0.5 or 0.35 gpm. The self-closing metering cartridge shuts off automatically for greater water savings and is easy to adjust.

Readily available spare parts minimize downtime and lower maintenance costs. Internal temperature control is accessible above the deck.

Models with an external temperature control are also available. Vandal-resistant. Choice of 4- or 8-inch cover plates.

Company: Chicago Faucets
Category: Plumbing & Washrooms | Fixtures and Hardware

NCC199CDV - Tankless Water Heater
NCC199CDV tankless water heater from Nortiz

The NCC199CDV condensing tankless water heater is ENERGY STAR certified and has a thermal efficiency rating of 98%.

Two austenite 316L stainless steel heat exchangers resist corrosion to maximize the equipment’s lifespan. Maximum input of 199,900 BTUs per hour and maximum flow rate of 11.1 gpm.

Approved for commonventing up to 6 units in commercial applications, which means fewer penetrations, less work needed for installations and lower material costs for vent pipes.

Company: Noritz
Category: Plumbing & Washrooms | Water Heating

Retrofit Flushometers
Retrofit Flushometers from Sloan

These flushometer retrofit products easily convert manual flushometers to sensoractivated to reduce water consumption and spending. Choose from top-mount, side-mount and over-the-handle installation with single or dual flush.

Disconnecting the old flushometer from the stop and fixture isn’t required, reducing the time and labor cost required to install.

Options include solar-powered operation, batteries with a 2- or 6-year life, and overrides for water-efficient mechanical flushing. A manual dual-flush handle is also available with flow rates of 1.1 and 1.6 gpf.

Company: Sloan
Category: Plumbing & Washrooms | Fixtures and Hardware

Sanicom 1 Simplex Drain Pump

Sanicom 1 Simplex Drain Pump from Saniflo

The Sanicom 1 simplex drain pump directs graywater away from demanding commercial installations, such as restaurants. Handles water up to 194 degrees F. for applications where high temperatures are required to meet health standards.

The pump also connects directly to high-effciency washing machines and dishwashers without a utility sink and installs above the floor.

This saves installation time, costs and mess compared to conventional plumbing installations that involve breaking through concrete to connect to a drain line. Discharges up to 25 feet vertically and 250 feet horizontally.

Company: Saniflo
Category: Plumbing & Washrooms | Fixtures and Hardware

Verge with WashBar
Verge with WashBar from Bradley

Verge with WashBar combines cleaning, rinsing and drying into an all-in-one handwashing station that houses soap, water and a dryer in a single intuitive fixture.

The WashBar allows users to stay at the same station until their hands are dry, which means water stays in the basin instead of on the floor or down the walls.

This results in fewer cleanup trips for janitorial staff. The fixture also requires fewer soap refills than comparable products, reducing both material and labor costs. A low-level LED indicator lights up when it’s time to replace the 1-gallon soap container.

Company: Bradley
Category: Plumbing & Washrooms | Fixtures and Hardware

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