The Benefits of Cool Roofs
October 24, 2017

The Global Cool Cities Alliance has released a new webpage detailing the myriad benefits of cool roofs on institutional and commercial facilities urban areas.

Page topics include saving energy, strengthening the electric grid, promoting cleaner air and cancelling climate change.

Benefits of cool roofs according to Global Cool Cities Alliance:

Saves energy

Reflective roofs cool down your home or workplace by several degrees and save money by cutting cooling energy demand by up to 20%.

Saves lives during heat waves

Studies show that installing cool roofs and vegetation can lead to a measurable reduction in heat deaths by making the daytime weather conditions more tolerable. One study found that a realistic, 10%, increase in reflectivity and vegetation could reduce heat wave deaths by 6%.

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Enhances human comfort

Indoors, a cool roof can help lower temperatures by several degrees. The impact is greatest on the floor directly below the roof. In homes, this can be the difference between life and death during heat waves.

Improves health and equity

Your cool roof makes your city healthier and happier. Heat takes a disproportionate toll on low-income communities of color that often live in neighborhoods that have older, lower quality building stock, less tree cover, and fewer buildings with air conditioning.

Strengthens the electric grid

Cool roofs directly help reduce excess urban heat, which causes up to 10% of U.S. peak electricity demand for air conditioning. Even a small change in temperature on a warm day can make a very big difference in energy demand.

To read the cool roof webpage from Global Cool Cities Alliance, you can visit it here.