BACnet International Issues New BACnet Testing Laboratories (BTL) Certification Program

January 17, 2017

A new BTL Certification Program has been unveiled by BACnet International. Created by joining of the previous BTL Listing and WSPCert Certificate programs. In this new program, a single application to the BACnet Testing Lab will provide companies with a Certificate of Conformance, a BTL Listing and the right to use the BTL Mark.

The BTL Certification Program gives suppliers an efficient way to highlight products that have successfully completed this testing and provides users with assurance that the products have been independently tested and have passed industry standard BACnet testing. 

The tests are designed to validate that the product correctly implements a specified set of BACnet features. The rigorous testing associated with obtaining the right to use the BTL Mark is a powerful methodology for finding and eliminating implementation errors before a product reaches the market.

Suppliers will only have to submit one application and all new products will have a formal certificate associated with them. Users and integrators can now look in one place to find information on all tested products. For many this listing will be a primary research tool for BACnet product information.

“We’re very excited to announce this new BTL Certification Program,” says Andy McMillan, President and Managing Director of BACnet International. “The BTL website and product listing has been a great research tool for users and suppliers alike for over 10 years. With the new, more robust and streamlined Certification process we expect more products will join the over 700 BACnet products already listed on the BTL website."