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Recap from AIA 2019: Movable Power, Decorative AC Units and More

June 7, 2019

Check out the interesting products Christoph Trappe saw while he strolled around the floor at the AIA Architectural Conference in Las Vegas.

Check out the interesting products I saw while strolling around the floor at the AIA Architectural Conference in Las Vegas:

Connectrac Flex—Movable Power

This product happens to be a finalist for our Product Innovations contest. Janelle Penny, editor-in-chief, will stop by their booth at NeoCon 2019 for judging.

[Start transcript]

Hi, I’m Amy Fry. I work for Connectrac. And we are at AIA promoting our new product, Connectrac Flex.

On the screen, you will see how we are able to provide movable power. When you need power, you can add it.

When you need to cap it to make the space more flexible, you have the ability to do that.

[End transcript]

Sign up for their BUILDINGS Education course and learn to optimize connectivity for changing office spaces. Register now >>

A Decorative Commercial AC Unit

Here is an AC unit you would actually want to show off. Combining function and design, this commercial AC unit from LG Electronics has a spot for you to place a picture, design, announcement or even logo in the front of it.

Christoph spoke with Ron Schumacher about this new air condition unit that can be controlled through LG Electronic’s ThinQ app and is Wi-Fi-enabled. Listen now >>

Acoustic that Enable Design Dreams

Christoph says, “When you have bad acoustics, you know it. And when you have good acoustics, nobody gives it any credit.” So, BUILDINGS is giving credit to CertainTeed for listening to what designers and architects are looking for to keep up with trends.

Check out the conversation between Christoph and Chris Bourque about their product. Find it here >>

[Rather read the article? Acoustical Solutions for an Open Office]

This BIM Software is a Keeper for Designers and Architects

Christoph speaks with industry expert Sarah Barrett from  Vectorworks about their perpetual license that allows users to keep the software permanently. What does this mean? Designers and Architects can ensure they always have access to their projects. Always.

Read the article: Perpetual Licensing Lets SaaS Users Keep Their Content

Listen to the podcast: BIM Perpetual License - Your Projects Are Yours

Aerial Photography and Skylights Provide a Unique View

Christoph stopped at the VELUX booth to chat about the benefits of skylights, how they can be applied and some other interesting tips for facility managers and building owners.

He also chatted with Nearmap, a company that is helping building professionals see, track and measure any roof damage or deterioation. This technology allows for a more accurate estimate of cost to repair among other positives.

Check them out here: Bird’s Eye View from the Floor at the AIA Conference 2019

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