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67 Money-Saving Products for 2018

May 31, 2018

The 2018 Money-Saving Products identify top facilities management products that help your budget. Cut back on costs with these finance-friendly facility solutions.

Cut back on costs with these finance-friendly facility solutions.

Finding ways to reduce costs is what facilities management is all about, and that often starts with the products you implement into your buildings. The BUILDINGS editorial staff selected 67 Money-Saving Products that can help you save money and improve returns on investment.

2018 Product Winning Categories:

2018 Trends to Follow

The biggest thing we noticed with this year’s winners is that there was an emphasis on HVAC systems. This should come as no surprise, as outdated and improper HVAC equipment waste a lot of energy. With 18 total winners in the HVAC category, there’s no shortage of options for you to reduce your utility bill.

Is Your HVAC System Spreading Thirdhand Smoke?

While most HVAC products target energy efficiency, others focus on making the workplace more comfortable. Whether that’s by reducing sick days with better IAQ or providing ventilation that’s quiet and not distracting, HVAC systems are now expected to improve efficiency in every sense.

Lighting and Life Safety & Security were the other two largest categories. The lighting products featured here follow the widespread transition to LED products, and some even assist the retrofit process. For life safety and security, we are seeing manufacturers simplify the processes that keep your facility safe by combining surveillance and access control technologies into one place.

LED vs. Fluorescent: Are Linear LEDs Ready to Replace Your T8s?

Products are also getting smarter now and reduce operational costs.

Two featured products,SCOTand theSWINGOBOT 2000(pictured) are intelligent robots that assist facilities staff. They won’t replace human employees, but they are designed to work alongside them, improving operational efficiency while reducing costs.

The products that have earned the Money-Saving Products Award cover a wide range of applications, so don’t waste any more time or money. Identify the inefficiencies in your facility and take action.

Justin Feit ([email protected]) is Associate Editor at BUILDINGS

Find award winners from these categories: 
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