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New Program Targets Lighting Upgrades

July 23, 2015

Better Buildings Challenge to help FMs replace troffer fixtures for efficiency improvements.

As part of the overall initiative to reduce energy use and improve sustainability in facilities, the Better Buildings Challenge has launched the Interior Lighting Campaign with a goal of replacing 100,000 standard troffer fixtures with high-efficiency solutions by May 2016. If accomplished, the retrofits could save $500,000 in electricity bills and eliminate 3,000 metric tons of carbon emissions. The upgraded fixtures are expected to provide savings of up to 25%, which translates to $6 per T8 troffer.

The program is designed to provide FMs with the technical assistance for both designing new construction and implementating retrofits using new technologies such as LED fixtures, dimmers, and occupancy sensors. The program is free to join and participants that achieve exceptional energy savings will be eligible for awards based on building performance. Learn more about the program and sign your building up here.

Planning to get started with LEDs? Take a look at this Guide to Snap-In LED Retrofits that can help you cut energy use and labor costs. 

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