SAF1 and SAF28 Exterior Floodlights

June 24, 2022
Non-linear floodlights.

Hydrel has expanded its SAF floodlight luminaire family with the introduction of SAF1 and SAF28 luminaires. The non-linear floodlight family can meet a variety of lighting requirements, including floodlighting, spotlighting, silhouetting, grazing and wallwashing.

SAF1 (pictured) is a compact 3.6-inch diameter luminaire, while SAF28 is a 16-inch diameter floodlight. SAF1 has a narrow beam and precision lighting that’s ideal for accentuating unique patterns, facades and landmarks; it’s IP66 rated. SAF28 is the largest luminaire in the SAF family, delivering up to 18,000 lumens with 12 beam distributions.