NeoFlux Onyx

July 1, 2022
Seamless illumination of darkened architectural design.

PRIZM Lighting introduces its 24V DC NeoFlux Onyx, an RGBW Top Bend or Side Bend Black Neon for illuminating darkened architectural design. NeoFlux Onyx features a black jacket, sleek profile and pixel level control for nearly endless interior and exterior applications. Available in static white, RGBW and dynamic RGBW with 4.92-inch pixel resolution.

The neon lights deliver a high lumen output performance of up to 1,700 lumens, while consuming up to 4.26 W per foot with a 120-degree beam angle and an 80+ CRI. Cuttable every 4.92 inches with max runs of 16.4 feet for custom applications. Surface-mounted and dims 0-100% with most DMX or SPI controls. Operates in temperatures from -13 to 113 degrees F. The silicone jacketing is UV, flame and saltwater resistant and has an IP67 rating.