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Innovation from the Sold-out Floor at IRE

Feb. 15, 2019

IRE Expo 2019 had the highest exhibit attendance ever and Janelle Penny from BUILDINGS was there to witness it. Here are a few of the things she saw on the sold-out trade show floor.

IRE Expo 2019 had the highest exhibit attendance ever and Janelle Penny from BUILDINGS was there to witness it. Here are a few of the things she saw on the sold-out trade show floor.

Porcelain Roof Tiles

At Daltile’s first IRE appearance, the tile company explains why it got into the roofing business with its new porcelain roof tiles.

At this year’s International Roofing Expo in Nashville, tile company Daltile made its first appearance to display its porcelain roofing tile, Perennial, which officially launched in September 2018.

“Daltile has been around since 1947 making porcelain floor and countertop tiles,” says Doug Pederson, national director of sales. “We decided to get into the roofing business because porcelain makes an excellent roofing product. It’s robust; it’s very durable.”

Although porcelain is similar to clay and ceramic, it’s distinctive in that it’s fired at a higher firing temperature, making it very dense. Perennial, specifically, is designed to withstand all seasons and is made with a high-breaking strength.

Daltile launched the tile in six different colors that include various shades mimicking slate, wood and an Old Spanish-style look.


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“We’ve been making outdoor pavers and products for a number of years,” Pederson says. “It was only the next logical step to take porcelain to the roof to give the protection homeowners are looking for in their projects.”

Porcelain tiles can also be used in light commercial applications. “Any steep-slope application,” Pederson adds, “whether it’s an office building, dentist office — those type of things.”

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The Roof That’s Held in Place by the Wind

New technology from Carlisle SynTec Systems uses special vents and the force of the wind to keep your roof membrane in place.

Commercial roofing company Carlisle SynTec Systems showcased its VacuSeal Vent Secured Roofing System — which harnesses the power of the wind to keep your roof in place.


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The system is quick and easy to install, says Carlisle insulation specialist Brandon Reynolds, since the process substantially reduces the amount of glue, ballast or fasteners a project might require.

VacuSeal uses special VacuSeal V2T Vents to create a kind of vacuum force “that actually sucks all of the air out from underneath the membrane, and it locks all of your roof components in place,” Reynolds explains.

He adds that facilities managers who oversee a building that is always open will benefit from VacuSeal, especially if they’re worried about the smell of adhesives invading the ventilation system and disrupting occupants. “It’s a really good application for buildings like that,” he says.

Reynolds also notes that VacuSeal is beneficial for re-cover applications. “If you have an older modified bitumen roofing system, you can simply put down a heavy gypsum board, and then go right over [it] with your membrane, and know that our VacuSeal system is very quick and easy — and it’s cost-effective for re-covers.”

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