SymmeTry Roof Series™

Sept. 1, 2016

MORIN is now galvanized by the palpable synergy emanating from within all three of its manufacturing facilities; the offices, the managers and their dedicated employees. This energy stems from Morin’s cohesive commitment to new product development; enhanced technologies and focused team partnerships.

New for 2016 is the SymmeTry Roof Series™ with unlimited thermal expansion/contraction capacity; watertight seam from eave to ridge; significant wind-uplift capability and onsite roll-forming in lengths up to 300 feet – SymmeTry Roof Series™ - strength, balance and harmony for your design.

On deck next is news of the Morin Matrix Series® will be intensified with the addition of six contemporary profiles branded as Morin Matrix Series® BOLD that will easily jump onto the lucrative ride of the current Morin Matrix Series® metal panel offerings.

“Innovative solutions for today’s progressive architecture”, Morin’s tagline translates to immense growth opportunities for their clients, customers and the company alike.